The Professorship of English Language and Literature at University College, London

1889 - 80 pages
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Page 62 - Shakespeare puts them all down, aye, and Ben Jonson too. O that Ben Jonson is a pestilent fellow, he brought up Horace giving the Poets a pill, but our fellow Shakespeare hath given him a purge that made him bewray his credit.
Page 64 - OH read ouer D. John Bridges, for it is a worthy worke : Or an epitome of the fyrste Booke, of that right worshipfull volume, written against the Puritanes, in the defence of the noble cleargie, by as worshipfull a prieste, John Bridges, Presbyter, Priest, or elder, doctor of Divillitie, and Deane of Sarum.
Page 51 - There is more weighty bullion sense in this book than I ever found in the same number of pages in any uninspired writer.
Page 54 - Since the time of PLATO there had been no composition given to the world which, for imagination, for philosophical discrimination, for a familiarity with the principles of government, for a knowledge of the springs of human action, for a keen observation of men and manners, and for felicity of expression, could be compared to the Utopia.
Page 50 - With a view to the same great object, he attacked the licensing system in that sublime treatise which every statesman should wear as a sign upon his hand and as frontlets between his eyes.
Page 59 - Sommer. Betwixt the REUENGE, one of her Maiesties Shippes, and an ARMADA of the King of Spaine. [By Sir W.
Page 68 - Paston Letters are an Important testimony to the progressive condition of society, and come in as a precious link in the chain of the moral history of England, which they alone in this period supply. They stand Indeed singly in Europe.
Page 57 - THE SCHOLEMASTER Or plaine and perfite way of teachyng children, to understand, write, and speake, the Latin tong, but specially purposed for the priuate brynging vp of youth in lentlemen and Noble mens houses, and commodious also for all such, as haue forgot the Latin tonge, and -would, by...
Page 68 - Day," and invites him to come and visit her family from the Thursday evening till the Monday, etc., etc.
Page 64 - By the reverend and worthie Martin Marprelate gentleman/ and dedicated to the Confocationhouse. The Epitome is not yet published/ but it shall be when the Bishops are at convenient leysure to view the same. In the meane time/ let them be content with this learned Epistle. Printed oversea/ in Europe/ within two furlongs of a Bounsing Priest/ at the cost and charges of M. Marprelate / gentleman.

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