Sports Broadcasting

Focal Press, 2002 - 270 pages
A uniquely comprehensive text, Sports Broadcasting emphasizes the skills that students will need in order to be successful in the industry. With extensive coverage on reporting, anchoring, and production, this text offers thorough and effective descriptions of the sports reporter and anchor's function in a broadcast environment. Going beyond the essential skills, Sports Broadcasting also offers important historical background on the evolution of the sports industry, some grounding in the business of sports, and a discussion of social issues including the experience of women in sports and sports broadcasting.

Covering all aspects of sports broadcasting, this text features reporting, writing leads, style, tricks of the trade, shooting on location, editing, producing, live event production, ethics, and resume tapes, as well as tips on seeking employment in the industry.

Coverage of essential reporting, play-by-play and anchoring skills

Unique insights into historical context and social implications

Tips on pursuing a career as a sports reporter/anchor in radio or television

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