Cook's Cruise to the Mediterranean, the Orient and Bible Lands by the Magnificent New Hamburg-American Line Twin-screw Steamship "Moltke" ... Leaving New York on Wednesday, February 4, 1903 ...

Thos. Cook & Son, 1841 - 80 pages

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Page 36 - ... inscription will be seen from which it is ascertained that the rocky pass was cut by order of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, who is here designated Germanicus, and thus fixes the date when the road was constructed as between the years 176 and 180 AD The sculptures, nine in number, are three Egyptian and six Assyrian. One of the former is dedicated to Phthah, the god of Memphis ; another to Ra, the Sun god ; the third records certain expeditions of Sesostris (Rameses II.) The Assyrian...
Page 41 - great Al Cairo," as Milton calls it ; the city of Saladin and the Arabian Nights — is an ever-changing panorama of life and interest. It preserves a true Oriental air, and, as you examine its bazaars and ramble through its streets, you seem carried back, in body and spirit, to the days of Haroun Al Raschid.
Page 51 - Great - after visiting which another short ride brings us to the small temple of Deir-el-Medina (the judgment hall of Osiris), and to the temple of Medinet-Haboo, which was the palace and great temple of Rameses III, containing also a small temple of Thotmes III.
Page 35 - ACHMED. — 33 — dental production it is possible to think of. Another great attraction is the famous Imperial Ottoman Museum, one of the most valuable museums in the world. During the stay at Constantinople an excursion by steamboats will be made up the Golden Horn, and the "Moltke" will proceed up the Bosphorus for a trip to the Black Sea and return on the day of departure.
Page 33 - The numberless little shops form a great arch-covered labyrinth of streets, passages and crossways, and display a curious and interesting collection of merchandise, gold and silver smiths...
Page 32 - ... all time. Two of the finest and best preserved monuments of the period immediately preceding the Christian Era are the Temples of Theseus and Jupiter Olympus.
Page 49 - Egypt, containing the most wonderful genealogical record in the world, the Tablet of Abydos, and the Temple of Rameses II.
Page 49 - Abydos, thought by many Egyptologists to occupy the site of THIS, the earliest historical city of Egypt, the birthplace of Mena, first king of the first dynasty.
Page 41 - The crowd of people of every nationality passing hither and thither is perfectly bewildering — a mov•ng mass of white turbans, red fezes, of blue, black, white and yellow garments, while the centre has its lines of camels, donkeys and carriages moving slowly in each direction.
Page 43 - Naples is a striking and picturesque scene, especially on market days, and it is one of the most important centres in Europe for tourists and travelers.

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