University Reserves and Canada: The Return of COTC.

University of Calgary (Canada), 2007 - 146 pages
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Should Canada revive its own university reserves? This paper will explore this issue in three stages. First, an examination of the Canada's original effort of university reserves, the Canadian Officer's Training Corps, its history and it will also examine why it was ultimately cancelled by the Government. Second, the thesis will offer a brief review of the university reserve programs of our allies---the British, Australian, and the United States---including their evolution and the current practice of their programs. The third and final stage of this examination will offer a suggested means for reviving university reserves in Canada. This will include a look at what a student-cadet should study to ensure they are prepared to take on the duties of a junior officer in the Future Security Environment. This stage concludes with a look at the benefits for the CF, the universities, students, and the people of Canada.

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