A Dictionary of Weights and Measures for the British Isles: The Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century

American Philosophical Society, 1985 - 520 pages

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Page 474 - Chronicon Preciosum: or, an Account of English Gold and Silver Money; the Price of Corn and other Commodities; and of Stipends, Salaries, Wages, Jointures, Portions, Day-labour etc.
Page 487 - Metrology, or an exposition of weights and measures, chiefly those of Great Britain and France, comprising tables of comparison, and views of various standards.
Page 488 - Parochial Antiquities attempted in the History of Ambrosden, Burcester, and other adjacent parts in the counties of Oxford and Bucks, with a Glossary of Obsolete Terms,' Oxford, 1695, 4to, dedicated to his patron, Sir W.
Page 517 - Narrative of the Origin and Formation of the International Association for obtaining a Uniform Decimal System of Measures, Weights, and Coins.
Page 457 - Glossary of North Country Words, with their Etymology and Affinity to other Languages and Occasional Notices of Local Customs and Popular Superstitions. THIRD EDITION, corrected and enlarged by WE BROCKETT.
Page 508 - Warden of the Standards on the proceedings and business of the standard weights and measures department of the Board of Trade.
Page 464 - AR Results of the comparisons of the standards of length of England, Austria, Spain, United States, Cape of Good Hope, and of a second Russian Standard, made at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton.
Page 467 - Essay towards the recovery of the Jewish Measures and Weights, comprehending their Monies, by help of Ancient Standards, compared with ours of England.
Page 445 - An account of a comparison lately made by some gentlemen of the Royal Society, of the standard of a yard, and the several weights lately made for their use ; with the original standards of measures and weights in the Exchequer, and some others kept for public use, at Guild-hall, Founders-hall, the Tower, etc.
Page 446 - THREE CENTURIES OF SCIENCE IN AMERICA An Arno Press Collection Adams, John Quincy. Report of the Secretary of State upon Weights and Measures.

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