Russia in the Twentieth Century: The Quest for Stability

Longman, 2011 - 372 pages
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The history of Russia, as the natural successor to the Soviet Union, is of crucial importance to understanding why communism ultimately lost out to Western democracy and the free market system. David Marples presents a balanced overview of 20th century Russian history and shows that although contemporary Russia has retained many of the practices and memories of the Soviet period, it is not about to revert back to the Soviet example.

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David Marples is Professor of History at the University of Alberta, Canada, and Director of the Stasiuk Program for the Study of Contemporary Ukraine, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, also at the University of Alberta. He has published many books on Russian and Soviet history, including Motherland: Russia in the 20th Century (Longman, 2002) and The Collapse of the Soviet Union (Longman, 2004).

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