Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Aerzte aller Zeiten und Völker ...

August Hirsch, Albrecht Wernich, Ernst Julius Gurlt
Urban & Schwarzenberg, 1886
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Page 290 - An Account of the principal Lazarettos in Europe ; with various Papers relative to the Plague ! together with further observations on some Foreign Prisons and Hospitals, and additional Remarks on the present state of those in Great Britain and Ireland.
Page 267 - Lectures on Comparative Anatomy," in which are explained the preparations in the Hunterian Collection...
Page 194 - ... two of the other children, Marie and George. Marie (whose thumbs only were deformed) gave birth to a boy with six toes, and three other normally formed children; but George, who was not quite so pure a pentadactyle, begot, first, two girls, each of whom had six fingers and toes; then a girl with six fingers on each hand and six toes on the right foot, but only five toes on the left; and lastly, a boy with only five fingers and toes. In these instances, therefore, the variety, as it were, leaped...
Page 255 - ESSAYS on SCIENTIFIC and other SUBJECTS, contributed to the Edinburgh and Quarterly Reviews.
Page 464 - A Memoir on the Advantages and Practicability of Dividing the Stricture in Strangulated Hernia on the outside of the Sac,' 8vo, London, 1833 ; and he edited the second edition of Sir Astley Cooper's work on hernia, 1827.
Page 378 - A New Method of Preventing and Curing the Madness caused by the Bite of a mad Dog.
Page 373 - Regesta pontificum Romanorum ab condita ecclesia ad annum p. Chr. n. 1198 (Berlin 1851), 2.
Page 32 - A General View of the present state of Lunatics and Lunatic Asylums in Great Britain and Ireland, and in some other kingdoms.
Page 432 - An account of the Methods pursued in the Treatment of Cancerous and Scirrhous disorders and other indurations ; Londres, 1780, in-8° ; — Surgical Tracts : the whole, collected and interspersed with occasional notes [ and observations by W.
Page 326 - Hutchinson, John,- Von der Capacität der Lungen und von den Athmungs-Functionen, mit Hinblick auf die Begründung einer genauen und leichten Methode, Krankheiten der Lungen durch das Spirometer zu entdecken. Aus dem Englischen übersetzt und mit Anmerkungen versehen von Dr. Samosch. Mit zahlreichen in den Text eingedruckten Holzschnitten, gr.

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