Return on Software: Maximizing the Return on Your Software Investment

Addison-Wesley, 2005 - 621 pages
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Return on Software: Maximizing the Return on Your Software Investment is about making choices: software technical choices in a business context. It helps software professionals appreciate the business consequences of the decisions they make. This primer will prove a valuable reference for making the important decisions the typical software organization faces both today and down the road. Each chapter contains a set of self-study questions designed to help you apply the featured concepts and techniques. An enhanced online index allows you to quickly and easily search the entire text for specific topics.

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Business on Purpose
The Fundamental Concepts
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Steve Tockey is the principal consultant at Construx Software, where he consults on active development projects and teaches software requirements, design, quality, and software project management. He has been in the software industry since 1977, and has worked on applications ranging from radiation monitoring equipment to business systems to automated test equipment for commercial airliners.

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