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Church of England's

For the Restoring of

Primitive Discipline;

Confidered, in Order to its being brought to Effect.

On which Occafion is fhewn the Inftitution, Nature, End, and Neceffity of Discipline in the Church of Christ.

To Debate of Ceremonies and Words in the Service, &c. Not confidering the power of the Keys, upon which the Church is Founded, and the Reftoring of the Same; is to neg lect a Confumption at the Heart, pretending only to Cure the Hair or the Nails. H. Thorndike's Juft Weights and Meafures, Page 255.


Printed for . Rogers, at the Sun against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleetfreet. 1703.

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HE Repeated Affurances which our Gracious Queen has been pleas ed to give of her Purpofe to Preferve the Church of England, and her known Zeal for the fame; as alfo the Zealous Affection to the Church Expreffed by both Houses of Parliament in their late Addreffes, having given a just ground for thofe Hopes conceived and declared by the Convocation, That what ever may be wanting to restore our Church to its due Rights and Privileges, Her Majefty will have the Glory of doing it; And the Queen likewife having been racionfly Pleafed, not only to approve, but affure their Confidence to this purpose, by her Answer, "That


fhe will always endeavour to Prefervé (( this Church in its Doctrine and Dif, cipline: Why fould not this be looked on as the proper time given this Church by the Providence of God to feek the being,

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