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Books Printed for, and are to be Sold
by William Rogers.


Rchbishop Tillerfon's Works, the Third Edition, Folio.



The way to poltantiation, 8vo.

Family Religion, of Education of Children, and the ad-
vantage of an early Piety, Third Edition. Price 15. 6d.
Difcourfe againft price 3d.
the Ruin of a finful People, a
Faft Sermon, Preach'd before the Lord Mayor.8m pr. 3d.
Periwafive to frequent Communion in the Sacrament
of the Lord's Supper. 148. Edic, 120. pr. ftitcht 34.
vlasy eid mod mia shule
Archbishop of York, The seafonsbleness of Believing wicht
out Seeing; a Sermon Preach'd before the King in
St. James's Chappel, on Palm Sunday; March 24. 1690.
Sermon at the Coronation of Queene. Toute
Sermon before the Queen on Ashwednesday, Feb. 10.


Sermon before the Queen on Good Friday, March 26.

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Two Difcourfes; the Firft,of Evil fpeaking; By his Grace
Jahn, late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. The Second,
of the Government of the Thoughts: By his Grace John,
Lord Archbishop of York. Both Preach'd before their Ma-
jellies, 1694. 8vo. price 6d.

Bishop Wilkins's Fifteen Sermons upon feveral occafions.
2d. Edition, 8vo.

Bishop of Worcester's Doctrines and Practices of the Church
of Rome truly Represented, &c. 4to.

Doctrine of the Trinity and Tranfubftantiation
compared, in Two Parts, 4to.

Bishop of Norwich, Two Sermons on the Wifdth and Good-
nefs of Providence; before the Queen at Whitehall. 4:0

Sermon Preach'd at St. Andrew's Holbourn,on Gal. 6,78
Of Religious Melancholy A Sermon Preach'd be-
fore the Queen at Whitehall. 4th. Edit 8vo. price 3d.

Of the Immortality of the Soul, Preach'd before the
King and Queen at Whiteball, on Palm-Sunday, 4to.

Thanksgiving Sermon before the King at St. James's
April 16. 1696.

Sermon Preach'd before the House of Lords, in the
Abby Church at Westminster, Jan. 31. 1697.



Bishop of Bath and Wells his Commentary on the Pentateuch, 2d. Vol. 820sdk A

A Demonstration of the Meffias, 2d. and 3 d. Vol 8vo.


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Dr. Sherlock's Practical Difcourfe concerning Death: 12th.

Edition, 8v0.

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Practical Difcourfe concerning Judgment, stb. E i.dition 8vo.

Difcourfe concerning Divine Providence. 3d. Edition 8vo.

Practical Difcourfe of Religious Affemblies, 4th. E dition, 400 to a

Sermons Preached upon feveral Occafions, 24 Edit. 8vo.

-Sermon before the King at Hampton-Gourt, June 1. jon 20 CHAADIOISTA

Concio ad Sanitam Synodum ab Archiepifcopo, Epifcopis & Clero, Provincie Cantuarienfis Celebratam, Habita in Ecclefia Cathedrali S. Paul London. December 30. A. D. 1701.

Exhortation to the Redeemed Slaves of Machanefs. 8u price 3d.

Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity, 3d. Edition, 4to.



-Prefent State of the Socinian Controverfie, and the Doctrine of the Catholick Fathers concerning a Trinity in Unity. 4to.


Dr. Clager's Sermons upon feveral Occafions with his Paraphrafe on the 6th. of St. John, in Two Vol. 8v0. Mr. Hodges's Treatife of the Lawfulness of the Marriage



of the Clergy, 8vo.

Erafmus's Weapon for a Chriftian Soldier, 12.1

Mr. Perk's New and Eafie Method to Sing by Book, Svo.
The Art of Spelling, 2d. Edit. 8vo.
Buiftrode's Reports. in Three Parts. 24. Edit. Fol.
Bendloe and Dallifon's Reports, Published by M. Rowe, 1689,


A Difcourfe of the Growth of England in Trade fince the Reformation. Fol.

Mr.Lortie's Practical Difcourfe concerning Repentance, 120. Mr. Ellis's Neceffity of Serious Confideration and Speedy Repentance, 24. Edition, 8vo.

-Folly of Atheifm Demonftrated to the Capacity of the moft Unlearned Reader, 8vo.

Summ of Chriftianity, 3d. Edit. 8vo. price 3d.
Scripture Catechifm. Second Edition, 8vo. price 3d.


Mr. Wilson's Difcourfe of Religion, fhewing its Truth and Reality, or the fuitablenefs of Religion to Humane Niture, 800.

Difcourfe of the Refurre&ion, fhewing the Import and Certainty of it, 8vo.

Mr. Dreyden's Tranflation of C. A. du Fresnoy's Art of Painting, with Remarks: Together with an Original Preface, containing a Parallel betwixt Painting and Poetry, as alfo an Account of the most Eminent Paint

ers, 4to.

Mr. Jenks's Prayers and Offices of Devotions for Families, and particular Perfons, on moft Occafions, the 2d. Edition 120.

Submission to the Righteousness of God, 8vo.
-Bell Rung to Prayers, 12°.

Meditations, with fhort Prayers annexed, in Ten Decades, upon various Subjects, 12°. The Liberty of Prayer Afferted, and Guarded from Licentiousness, by a Minifter of the Church of England, 8vo.

Sr. John Davies, of the Immortality of the Soul, 8vo.
Scala Sanita, or the Exaltation of the Soul, 8vo.
Dr. Pelling's Practical Difcourfe, concerning Holiness,


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Difcourfe concerning the Existence of God. Mr. Tyrrel's General History of England, both Ecclefiaftical and Civil, from the Earliest Account of Time, to the Reign of King William I. commonly called the Conqueror. Vol. I. Folio.

-General Hiftory of England, both Ecclefiaftical and Civil, from the beginning of the Reign of King WillSam I. to the end of the Reign of King Henry III. Vol. II.

Mr. Wake's Difcourfe againft Tithe-Stealing. 4to.
The New Danger of Presbytery, &c. 40.

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