Ten Soviet Sports Stars

Branden, 1990 - 92 pages
Only Mikhail Gorbachev's glasnost policy could bring you this inside look at the Soviet Union's athletic superstars -- co-authored by Yuri Khromov, dean of sportswriters of TASS, and Dr Russ Ramsey, a U.S. professor of military affairs and sports his-torian. This book contains never-before-released infor-mation on how the USSR finds its superstars . . . where they do their military service . . . and what happens when they lose. Yuri Khromov and Russ Ramsey are an improba-ble pair of co-authors a high TASS official and a West Point graduate and their book has alrea-dy been applauded in the official magazines of the Olympic sports.

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À propos de l'auteur (1990)

Khromov is a high TASS official.

Ramsey is a West Point graduate.

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