Xulon Press, 2007 - 160 pages
Many challenges faced the first century Christian church and the Apostle Paul addressed these concerns in his epistles. This study of Colossians looks at the message written to the church in ancient Colossae and contains important theology, providing one of the most important portions in Scripture that teaches about the person of Christ. Colossians presents instructions for living and this study helps the student discover this book's relevance for believers in the 21st century. This in-depth inductive study carefully observes the text of Scripture, interprets the original intent of the book, and challenges the student to claim the eternal principles that can be applied in everyday circumstances for all those who follow Jesus Christ. The homework provides options for students and can be done in one to three hours each week. When the study is done as part of a group, the weekly discussion helps everyone gain perspective from others. JAN WELLS has been married forty-one years, is the mother of two grown children, and a grandmother. A former English and history teacher, Jan has written twenty-two in-depth, inductive studies reflecting her passion for the Lord and His word. Incorporated in Jan's writing is a commitment to the importance of the ministry of discipleship within the body of Christ and sensitivity to the differences in the way people think and learn. Jan, the creator of Sunergos Bible Studies, has taught the Bible to adults for nearly thirty years in an interdenominational ministry. The author has an M.A. in Christian Ministry from Simpson University (Alliance) and is pursuing an M.Div. from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (SBC). Sunergos Bible Studies have been used in a number of churches throughout the country and internationally, and because of their thoroughness, they have become valuable resources for many pastors and Bible teachers.

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