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cepting deliverance, that they was set before him, endured might obtain a better resur- the cross, despising the shame, rection :

and is set down at the right 36 And others had trial of hand of the throne of God. cruel mockings and scourg- 3 For consider him that ings, yea, moreover of bonds endured such contradiction and imprisonment:

of finners against himself, 37 They were itoned, they left ye be wearied and faint were fawn asunder, were


minds. tempted, were slain with the

4 Ye have not yet resisted sword : they wandered about unto blood, itriving against in sheep-skins and goat-skins; fin. being deftitute, afflicted, tor- 5 And ye have forgotten mented;

the exhortation, which speak38 (Of whom the world eth unto you as unto children, was not worthy) they wan- My son, despise not thou the dered in deserts, and in chastening of the Lord, nor mountains, and in dens and faint when thou art rebuked caves of the earth.

of him : 39 And these all having ob-16 For whom the Lord tained a good report, through loveth he chasteneth, and faith, received not the pro- fcourgeth every son whom mise:

he receiveth. 40 God having provided 7 If ye endure chastening, some better thing for us, that God dealeth with you as they without us should not with sons: for what son is be made perfect.

he whom the father chaften

eth not? CHAP. XII.

8 But if ye be without Herefore, feeing we chastisement, whereof all are

also are compassed partakers, then are ye basabout with so great a cloud tards, and not sons. of witnesses, let us. lay aside 9 Furthermore we have every weight, and the fin had fathers of our flesh, which which doth fo easily beset us, corrected us, and we gave and let us run with patience them reverence : shall we not the race that is set before us, much rather be in subjection

2 Looking unto Jesus the unto the Father of spirits, author and finisher of our and live? faith; who, for the joy that 10 For they verily for a


few days chastened us, after unto the mount that might their own pleasure; but he be touched, and that burned for our profit, that we might with fire, nor unto blackbe partakers of his holiness. ness, and darkness, and tem

i Now no chastening for pest, the present feemeth to be 19 And the sound of a joyous, but grievous : ne- trumpet, and the voice of vertheless afterward it yield- words; which voice they that eth the peaceable fruit of heard, intreated that the word righteousness unto them should not be spoken to them which are exercised thereby any more :

12 Wherefore lift up the 20 (For they could not hands which hang down, and endure that which was comthe feeble knees;

manded, And if so much as 13 And make straight a beast touch the mountain, paths for your feet, left that it shall be stoned, or thrust which is lame be turned out through with a dart: of the way, but let it rather 21 And so terrible was the be healed.

fight, that Mofes faid, I ex14 Follow peace with all ceedingly fear and quake :) men, and holiness, without 22 But ye are come unto which no man shall see the mount Sion, and unto the Lord :

city of the living God, the 15 Looking diligently, left heavenly Jerusalem, and to any man fail of the

grace of an innumerable company of God; left any root of bitter- angels, ness springing up trouble you, 23 To the general aflemand thereby many be defiled; bly and church of the first

16 Left there be any for- born which are written in nicator, or profane person, as heaven, and to God the Judge Efau, who for one morsel of of all, and to the spirits of meat fold his birthright. just men made perfect, 17 For ye

know how that 24 And to Jesus the mem afterward, when he would diator of the new covenant, have inherited the blessing, and to the blood of sprinkling, he was rejected: for he found that speaketh better things Do place of repentance, though than that of Abel. he fought it carefully with 25 See that ye refuse not tears.

him that speaketh. For if 18 For ye are not come they escaped not, who refused

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him that spake on earth, are shaken, as of things that much more shall not we escape, are made, that those things if we turn away from him which cannot be shaken may that speaketh from heaven: remain.

26 Whose voice then 28 Wherefore, we receive shook the earth : but now ing a kingdom which cannot he hath promised, saying, be moved, let us have grace, Yet once more I shake not whereby we may serve God the earth only, but also hea- acceptably, with reverence

and godly fear : 27 And this world, Yet


For our God is a cononce more, fignifieth the re- suming fire. moving of those things that


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The First Epistle General of PETER.

and that fadeth not away, CHAP. I. reserved in heaven for

you, ETER, an apostle of 5 Who are kept by the

Jesus Christ, to the power of God, through faith, strangers scattered through- unto' falvation, ready to be out Pontus, Galatia, Cappa- revealed in the last time. docia, Asia, and Bithynia, 6 Wherein ye greatly re

2 Elect according to the joice, though now for a seaforeknowledge of God the fon (if need be) ye are in Father, through fanctifica- heaviness through manifold tion of the Spirit unto obe-temptations : dience, and sprinkling of the That the trial of your blood of Jesus Chrift: Grace faith being much more pre

you, and peace be mul- cious than of gold that petiplied.

risheth, though it be tried 3 Blessed be the God and with fire, might be found Father of our Lord Jesus unto praise, and honour, and Christ, which according to glory, at the appearing of his abundant mercy hath be- Jesus Chrift: gotten us again unto a lively 8 Whom having not seen, hope, by the resurrection of ye love; in whom, though Jesus Christ from the dead, now ye see him not, yet be:

4 To an inheritance in- lieving, ye rejoice with joy corruptible and undefiled, unspeakable, and full of glory:

I 9 Receiving

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17 And if

. 9 Receiving the end of Be ye holy; for I am holy. your faith, even the salvation


call on the of your souls.

Father, who, without respect 10 Of which salvation the of persons, judgeth according prophets have enquired, and to every man's work, pass the searched diligently, who pro- time of yeur sojourning here phesied of the grace that should in fear: come unto you:

18 Forasmuch as ye know 11 Searching what, or that ye were not redeemed what manner of time, the with corruptible things, as Spirit of Christ which was silver and gold, from your in them did signify, when it vain conversation received by teftified beforehand the fuf- tradition from your fathers; ferings of Christ, and the 19 But with the precious glory that should follow. blood of Christ, as of a lamb

12 Unto whom it was re- without blemish, and without vealed, that not unto them- spot :: selves, but unto us, they did 20 Who verily was foreminister the things which are ordained before the foundanow reported unto you by tion of the world, but was them that have preached the manifest in these last times gospel unto you, with the for you, Holy Ghost sent down from 21 Who by him do beheaven; which things the lieve in God, that raised him angels defire to look into. up from the dead, and gave

13 Wherefore gird up the him glory, that your faith loins of your mind, be fober, and hope might be in God. and hope to the end, for the 22 Seeing ye have puri, grace that is to be brought fied your souls in obeying unto you at the revelation of the truth, through the Spirit, Jesus Chrift;

unto unfeigned love of the 14 As obedient children, brethren; see that ye love not fashioning yourselves ac- one another with a pure cording to the former lusts, heart fervently: in your ignorance :

23 Being born again, not 15 But as he which hath of corruptible feed, but of called you is holy, so be ye incorruptible, by the word holy in all manner of con- of God which' liveth and verfation;

abideth for ever. 16 Because it is written, 24 For all felh is as grass,


-எ . - * உப்

unto you.


and all the glory of man as I be disobedient, the stone the flower of grass.

The which the builders disalgrass withereth, and the lowed, the fame is made the Hower thereof falleth away : head of the corner, 25 But the word of the

8 And a stone of stumLord endureth for ever. bling, and a rock of offence, And this is the word, which even to them which stumble by the gospel is preached at the word, being disobedi

ent, whereunto also they

were appointed.

9 But
ye are a chosen

geHerefore laying aside neration, a royal priesthood,

all malice, and all an holy nation, a peculiar guile, and hypocrisies, and people that ye should shew envies, and all evil-Speak-forth the praises of him who ings,

hath called you out of dark2 As new born babes derness into his marvellous fire the fincere milk of the light: word, that ye may grow 10 Which in time past thereby :

were not a people, but are 3 If so be ye have tasted now the people of God; that the Lord is gracious.

which had not obtained mer4 To whom coming, ascy, but now have obtained unto a living stone disallowed mercy. indeed of men, but chosen 11 Dearly beloved, I beof God, and precious. seech you as strangers and

5 Ye also, as lively stones, pilgrims, abstain from fleshly are built up a spiritual house, iusts, which war against the an holy priesthood to offer up soul; {piritual sacrifices, acceptable 12 Having your converto God by Jesus Christ. fation honest among the

6 Wherefore also it is Gentiles : that whereas they contained in the scripture, speak against you as evil Behold, I lay in Sion a chief doers, they may, by your corner-stone, elect, precious: good works which they shall and he that believeth on him behold, glorify God in the shall not be confounded. day of vifitation.

7 Unto you therefore, 13 Submit yourselves to which believe, he is preci- every ordinance of man for ous: but unto them which the Lord's fake : whether it

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