Reason and Reality: The Relationship Between Science and Theology

Trinity Press International, 1991 - 119 pages
The biggest revolution in our understanding of the physical world since the days of Newton was brought about by the discovery of the elusive and fitful world of quantum theory. Now the insights of Chaos theory offer the prospect of a further revolution, capable of describing a physical world endowed with a genuine openness to the future. In his acclaimed trilogy - One World, Science and Creation and Science and Providence - John Polkinghorne brilliantly transmitted the excitement of these new discoveries to the lay reader and showed how they opened the way to a new a more harmonious relationship between science and religion. Now he returns to the science-theology debate, outlining his position for new readers and pursuing some of the outstanding issues with the same accessibility, clarity and insight that made the trilogy such an outstanding success.

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Rational Discourse
The Nature of Physical Reality
Reason and Revelation
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John Polkinghorne, K.B.E., F.R.S., is past president and now fellow of Queens' College, Cambridge, and Canon Theologian of Liverpool, England.

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