Catalogue of the Books and Pamphlets in the Library of Columbia College, New York

John W. Amerman, 1874 - 412 pages
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Page 266 - TAYLER (Rev. JOHN JAMES). AN ATTEMPT TO ASCERTAIN THE CHARACTER OF THE FOURTH GOSPEL, especially in its Relation to the First Three. 2nd Edition. 8vo, cloth.
Page 177 - History of Latin Christianity ; including that of the Popes to the Pontificate of Nicholas V.
Page 19 - A Chronicle of the Kings of England From the time of the Romans Government unto the Death of King James.
Page 16 - Athenian Letters, or the Epistolary Correspondence of an Agent of the King of Persia, residing at Athens during the Peloponnesian War.
Page 156 - LEXINGTON (THE) PAPERS ; or, Some Account of the Courts of London and Vienna at the end of the 17th Century. Edited by HON. H. MAUSERS BUTTON. Svo. 14». LEWIS' (SiR GC) Essay on the Government of Dependencies.
Page 81 - Sismondi's Historical View of the Literature of the South of Europe. Translated, with Notes, by THOMAS ROSCOE. 2 vols. 12mo, Muslin, 81 80.
Page 182 - Morte d'Arthur.— SIR THOMAS MALORY'S BOOK OF KING ARTHUR AND OF HIS NOBLE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE. The original Edition of CAXTON, revised for Modern Use. With an Introduction by Sir EDWARD STRACHEY, Bart. pp. xxxvii., 509. "It is with perfect confidence that we recommend this edition of the old romance to every class of readers.
Page 108 - Pompeiana: the Topography, Edifices and Ornaments of Pompeii, the Result of Excavations since 1819. 2 vols.
Page 342 - The Doctrine of the Church of England as to the Effects of Baptism in the case of Infants. With an Appendix, containing the Baptismal Services of Luther and the Nuremberg and Cologne Liturgies. Second Edition. 8vo. cloth, 1 .V.
Page 388 - Sketch of the Geographical Rout of a Great Railway, by which it is proposed to connect the canals and navigable waters of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, and the adjacent States and Territories opening thereby a free communication at all seasons of the year, between the Atlantic States and the Great Valley of the Mississippi. New York: G. & C. & H. Carvill, 1830.

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