Queens of the French stage

Harper & Brothers, 1905 - 365 pages

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Page 299 - Clairon is so conscious and certain of what she can do, that she never, I believe, had the feelings of the instant come upon her unexpectedly : but I pronounce that the greatest strokes of genius have been unknown to the actor himself, till circumstances, and the warmth of the scene, has sprung the mine as it were, as much to his own surprise, as that of the audience.
Page 106 - Je sais mes perfidies, Œnone, et ne suis point de ces femmes hardies Qui, goûtant dans le crime une tranquille paix, Ont su se faire un front qui ne rougit jamais.
Page 38 - ... quelque ardeur qu'elle m'ait pu donner, Le premier à les voir, comme à les condamner. Mais, avec tout cela, quoi que je puisse faire, Je confesse mon...
Page 299 - Your dissection of her is as accurate as if you had opened her alive. She has everything that art and a good understanding with great natural spirit can give her. But then I fear (and I only tell you my fears, and open my soul to you) the heart has none of those instantaneous feelings, that...
Page 39 - Morbleu! faut-il que je vous aime! Ah ! que si de vos mains je rattrape mon cœur, Je bénirai le ciel de ce rare bonheur ! Je ne le cèle pas , je fais tout mon possible A rompre de ce cœur l'attachement terrible ; Mais mes plus grands efforts n'ont rien fait jusqu'ici, Et c'est pour mes péchés que je vous aime ainsi.
Page 300 - I have with great freedom communicated my ideas of acting, but you must not betray me, my good friend; the Clairon would never forgive me, though I called her an excellent actress, if I did not swear by all the Gods she was the greatest genius too.
Page 312 - Voltaire had made her declaim with a continual and monotonous lamentation, acquired, when spoken naturally, a beauty unknown to himself; for on seeing her play it on his theatre at Ferney, where she went to visit him, he exclaimed, bathed in tears and transported with admiration, " It is not I -who wrote that, 'tis she: she has created her part!
Page 164 - You say that you would like me to teach you the art of declamation of which you stand in need. You have forgotten that I do not declaim. The simplicity of my acting is my one poor merit; but this simplicity, which chance has turned to my advantage, appears to me indispensable to a man in your profession. The first requisite is intelligence, and that you have; the next, to allow beneficent nature to do her work. To speak with grace, nobility and simplicity, and to reserve all your energies for an...
Page 52 - I have therefore determined to live with her as if she were not my wife ; but if you knew what I suffer, you would pity me. My passion has reached such a height, that it actually takes her part against myself...
Page 38 - Le premier à les voir comme à les condamner. Mais, avec tout cela, quoi que je puisse faire, Je confesse mon foible, elle a l'art de me plaire ; J'ai beau voir ses défauts et j'ai beau l'en blâmer, En dépit qu'on en ait elle se fait aimer : Sa grâce est la plus forte, et sans doute ma flamme De ces vices du temps pourra purger son âme. PHILINTE. Si vous faites cela, vous ne ferez pas peu.

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