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The spirits of both appeared depressed, and though they had not met for many months, there was an ab. sence of that conversational fluency which usually exists between friends who have been separated for any period of time :-both were almost silent.--" You are surprised, Dufours,” at length observed George Melton, “to find me altered,--and I do not blame you -I have had much to change me since we met, -very much. I will tell you.”—He did not move from his previous position as he continued.

“ You have long known my opinions--my-as you have termed them, superstitious opinions-respecting the possibility of the intervention of super-human agency ?" Dufours gave me a token of assent, and Henry proceeded with a deep-drawn sigh.—“ And you have ever differed with me." Again his friend made an inclination of his head. “ Now listen : this day week I retired to my chamber in perfect health and spirits—how long I slept, I know not, ere I was aroused by a calm, though forcible voice sounding in my ear,—“ George Melton," it said, “ Rise! hasten to the northern transept of the ruined Abbey, and you may preserve life! Rise!"



I started in my bed, and rubbed my eyes,- I listened, but all around was silent.—This must be some strange delusion, thought I, some dream-True, the old Abbey was close at hand-you see it now hard by the orchard, but I thought it must be some trick of my own wild fancy; so I laid my head upon my pillow and slept again.

“ Well!" observed Dufours, now an interested


“Well," repeated Melton sorrowfully, “ I slept 'tis true—but such a sleep!-once more I started from it with a repetition of the same still summons ringing in my ears! .this is more than strange, thought I'—but I checked my rising superstition, and by force of selfargument as to the folly of my own ideas, I succeeded in restoring my mind to tranquillity, and slept once more.-But oh, Dufours ! my repose was again destined to be of but short duration.—Again the warning voice smote even to my soul-no more subdued and low, but loud and shouting! “ It is too late!" it said, “ the life is filed, the deed is done!" I leaped from out

my bed, but all was quiet as before, nerving myself to

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