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By my sowl, then, it's no frend Dennis Grubbery is of your own; but, barrin' that, it's proud I'll faal of your company to dinner.”

Faith, thin, if its proud you'll be after faaling in my company, small's the opportunity I give you of

showin' your airs in my prisince, I'm thinkin'."

Asy, man alive! Wasn't I axing you to dine with me in the gintaalist fashin, an' its go you must to takin' the words in their true sinse,-as if your gintle

man ever used words in their true sinses !-lave off

your ignorance, do.”

Thin maybe I'll be after doin' yourself the honour of my company to dinner, if its proud you'll faal at the same time to pay for it.”

“ Whoo! bad cess to you wid your dirty manners ! By my sowl, if its thim that cost your blessed mither a pinny a waak ixtra, divil the likes of your schoolmaster at cheating I've myself ever seen far or near. Blur an' agers if your feyther's ould sow couldn't taach you better p'liteness than to be axing a gintleman to pay when he's after inviting you to dinner. Bad luck to such an invite, say I."

“ Oh, be aisy wid you! Troth, an' its pay for you

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I will wid pleasure—and (continued Dennis aside) wid divil a thing ilse, I'm thinkin, for shure an' I can say now with thim play-actors—“ Who stales my purse, stales trash,” for never as much as the smallest taste in life of money they'd be after finding in it."

“ Ah, blur an' agers ! Divil the likes of yoursilf thin at axing gintlemen to dinner-barrin' the chamelion and Duke Hímphrey—I've myself ever seen far or near."

“Asy, asy, man alive and maybe I'll be behouldin** it to you. Asy, thin. D'ye see that great big bill stuck on that cook-shop there-d'ye see that?”

“ Faith an' I do, shure enough." “ Thin raad it.” “ Raad it yoursilf, and see how you'll like it." “Well, thin, dosn't it till you that you may git there a basin of soup for twopince ha'pinny an' a plate of pratees gratis.

“ Troth an' small's the use of its tilling that to us, I'm thinking, seeing that a basin of soup for us is beyant the beyants complately."

“ The divil Ay away wid the soup, say I. Who wants his twopinny ha’pinny basin of soup, as he calls

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it? Not I for one, shure enough:—but as for the plate of pratees--gratis-by the powers! Larry! we'll take as many plates as he likes on the same terms. Faith, an' that's the very place we'll be after dining at. A basin of soup for twopince ha'pinny and a plate of pratees gratis-free gratis—for nothing. D'ye hear that, Larry ? Come along wid you, boy."

Whereupon they made for the house with all possible speed :—for the sequel, however, I must refer to the Police Reports of next Sunday's Paper.

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