The Dairy Goat Handbook: For Backyard, Homestead, and Small Farm

Voyageur Press, 5 juin 2015 - 192 pages

The Dairy Goat Handbook explains everything goat keepers need to know about their animals, from the best ways to keep them healthy to methods for making delicious goat cheese.

The Dairy Goat Handbook is a guidebook for those who would like to raise dairy goats - or dream of raising dairy goats and want to know how to begin and maintain a successful herd.

There are other books on the business of keeping dairy goats, but none quite like this. Written by a dairy goat farmer, this guide combines a deep knowledge of the animals themselves with fifteen years of experience running a successful business. Fully illustrated with photographs of life on a working dairy farm the goats, the farm, the dairy equipment, and the cheese and milk this book explains as well as celebrates the life of a dairy goat farmer.

The author, Ann Starbard, owns Crystal Brook Farm in Sterling, Massachusetts, where she and her husband raise dairy goats and make fresh goat cheese that they sell onsite, at farmers' markets, and at restaurants. Ann explains the details of raising goats and running a dairy in simple, clear, easy-to-understand language; this is a book for everyone interested in the business of raising dairy goats.


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The Dairy Goat Handbook: For Backyard, Homestead, and Small Farm

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Readers who have been sucked in by the viral videos of goats balancing on a steel ribbon or screaming like humans may think raising goats would be fun and easy. Starbard, a goat farmer with 15 years ... Consulter l'avis complet

Table des matières

Chapter 1 Getting Started
Chapter 2 Breeds and Selection
Chapter 3 Feeding
Chapter 4 Management
Chapter 5 Business
Chapter 6 Breeding
Chapter 7 Birthing
Chapter 8 Kid Care
Chapter 11 Dairy Products
Chapter 12 The World of Dairy Goats
Dairy Animal Record Sheets
About the Author

Chapter 9 Health Care
Chapter 10 Milk and Milking

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À propos de l'auteur (2015)

Ann Starbard was raised on a dairy cow farm in Pennsylvania and has raised dairy goats on Crystal Brook Farm in Massachusetts for fifteen years. She and her husband, Eric, have built a thriving business with the goat cheese they make on the farm. They sell their cheese at the farm, at farmers' markets, at restaurants, and at more than twenty retail outlets, including two Whole Foods stores (one in Boston and one in Cambridge). Starbard maintains the farm's website ( and has written previously on dairy goats; most recently she co-authored a chapter in a dairy goat management book being released by Winrock International, an international nonprofit group.

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