The Political Consequences of Anti-Americanism

Richard Higgott, Ivona Malbasic
Taylor & Francis, 31 juil. 2008 - 256 pages
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Anti-Americanism as a concept is confused, often used in a contradictory fashion and invariably driven by emotion rather than intellect. Nevertheless, it casts a long policy shadow with adverse consequences (both real and potential) for actors including those who may not support the concept.

This book puts anti-Americanism into a contemporary context and analyses some of its political consequences. The argument of the book is that ideas matter: they shape actions and have policy consequences. With the case of anti-Americanism, even superficial ideas can reflect deep seated emotions that might, at first sight, appear real. These can range from the rhetorical flourish and smart comment occasioned by a presidential gaucherie through to a deep embedded, visceral hatred of all things American. The contributors to this volume discern the difference between these two ends of the anti-American spectrum and assess the varying degree of ‘political consequence’. Divided into three parts, items addressed include:

  • Networks, culture and foundations consisting of the role of influential foundations and think tanks in combating anti-Americanism, and the link between the political establishment in Washington D.C. and the popular culture industry
  • Security and Anti-Americanism
  • Regional and country Studies, including Canada, Australia, East Asia, Latin America, Greece and France.

The Political Consequences of Anti-Americanism will be of interest to students and scholars of politics, international relations, security studies, American politics and American foreign policy.

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À propos de l'auteur (2008)

Richard Higgott is a Pro Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom.

Ivona Malbašic manages the Open Society Fellowship Program at the Central European University (CEU), Hungary.

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