Lay Sermons; I. the Stateman's Manual. II. Blessed Are Ye That Sow Beside All Waters

General Books LLC, 2009 - 124 pages
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This historic book may have numerous typos, missing text or index. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1852. Not illustrated. Excerpt: ... Lay sermons Samuel Taylor Coleridge HAYDN'S DICTIONARY OF DATES, and "UNIVERSAL REFERENCE, relating to all Ages and Nations; comprehending every Remarkable Occurrence, Ancient and Modern --the Foundation, Laws, and Governments of Countries--their Progress in Civilisation, Industry, and Science--their Achievements in Arms; the Political and Social Transactions of the British Empiresits Civil, Military, and Religious Institutions -- the Origin and Advance of Human Arts and Inventions, with copious details of England, Scotland, and Ireland. The whole comprehending a body of information, Classical, Political, and Domestic, from the earliest accounts to the present time. Fifth Edition. In one volume 8vo, price 18s. cloth. SHARPE'S HISTORY OF EGYPT, from the Earliest Times till the Conquest by the Arabs in A.d. 640. Third Edition. In two volumes 8vo, price 21s. cloth. THE WORKS OF WALTER SAVAGE LANDOR. Including the Imaginary Conversations, with a New and Original Series; Pericles and Aspasia; Examination of Shakspeare; Pentameronof Boccacioand Petrarca; Hellenics; Tragedies; and Poems. With many large additions throughout, and the author's last correction. In two volumes medium 8vo, price 32s. cloth. CAPTAIN BASIL HALL'S FRAGMENTS OF VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. A New Edition. In one volume 8vo, price 10s. 6d. cloth. MISCELLANEOUS. MEMOIRS OF WILLIAM WORDSWORTH. By Christopher Wordsworth, D.D, Canon of Westminster. In two volumes, 8vo, price 80s. cloth. By the Author Of a Two Years Before The Mast." DANA'S SEAMAN'S MANUAL; containing a Treatise on Practical Seamanship, with Plates; a Dictionary of Sea Terms; Customs and Usages of the Merchant Service; Laws relating to the Practical Duties of Master and Mariners. Fifth Ed...

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Born in Ottery St. Mary, England, in 1772, Samuel Taylor Coleridge studied revolutionary ideas at Cambridge before leaving to enlist in the Dragoons. After his plans to start a communist society in the United States with his friend Robert Southey, later named poet laureate of England, were botched, Coleridge instead turned his attention to teaching and journalism in Bristol. Coleridge married Southey's sister-in-law Sara Fricker, and they moved to Nether Stowey, where they became close friends with William and Dorothy Wordsworth. From this friendship a new poetry emerged, one that focused on Neoclassic artificiality. In later years, their relationship became strained, partly due to Coleridge's moral collapse brought on by opium use, but more importantly because of his rejection of Wordworth's animistic views of nature. In 1809, Coleridge began a weekly paper, The Friend, and settled in London, writing and lecturing. In 1816, he published Kubla Kahn. Coleridge reported that he composed this brief fragment, considered by many to be one of the best poems ever written lyrically and metrically, while under the influence of opium, and that he mentally lost the remainder of the poem when he roused himself to answer an ill-timed knock at his door. Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Christabel, and his sonnet Ozymandias are all respected as inventive and widely influential Romantic pieces. Coleridge's prose works, especially Biographia Literaria, were also broadly read in his day. Coleridge died in 1834.

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