The Eponym Dictionary of Mammals

JHU Press, 18 nov. 2009 - 592 pages
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Learn the origins of over 2,000 mammal species names with this informative reference guide.

Just who was the Przewalski after whom Przewalski's horse was named? Or Husson, the eponym for the rat Hydromys hussoni? Or the Geoffroy whose name is forever linked to Geoffroy's cat? This unique reference provides a brief look at the real lives behind the scientific and vernacular mammal names one encounters in field guides, textbooks, journal articles, and other scholarly works.

Arranged to mirror standard dictionaries, the more than 1,300 entries included here explain the origins of over 2,000 mammal species names. Each bio-sketch lists the scientific and common-language names of all species named after the person, outlines the individual’s major contributions to mammalogy and other branches of zoology, and includes brief information about his or her mammalian namesake’s distribution. The two appendixes list scientific and common names for ease of reference, and, where appropriate, individual entries include mammals commonly—but mistakenly—believed to be named after people.

The Eponym Dictionary of Mammals is a highly readable and informative guide to the people whose names are immortalized in mammal nomenclature.

“A small treasure trove of information about the people whose names are immortalized in mammalian nomenclature. Given that we mammalogists are prone to ancestor worship, I expect it to be a best-seller.” —Don E. Wilson, Journal of Mammalian Evolution

“This is a great reference for the mammalogy professional or student, or the curious naturalist.” —Wildlife Activist

“This is a splendid book which fills a real gap in zoological literature.” —Nicholas Gould, International Zoo News

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Bo Beolens and Michael Watkins are the coauthors of the eponym dictionary Whose Bird? Michael Grayson worked for many years at the British Library in London and is a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.

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