The New Public Management in Action

This book analyses changes which have occurred in the organization and management of the UK public services over the last 15 years, looking particularly at the restructured NHS. The authors present an up-to-date analysis around three main themes: the transfer of private sector models to the public sector, the management of change in the public sector, and management reorganization and role change. In doing so they examine to what extent a New Public Management has emerged, and ask whether this is a parochial UK development or of wider international significance. This is a topical and important issue in management training, professional, and policy circles. Important analytic themes include: an analysis of the nature of the change process in the UK public services, characterization of quasi markets, the changing role of local Boards, and possible adaptation by professional groupings. The book also addresses the important and controversial question of accountability, and contributes to the development of a general theory of the New Public Management.

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Public Sector Restructuring
The Creation and Evolution of QuasiMarkets
A Process of Transformational Change?
Managers and Magistrates
From Rubber Stamp to StrategyMaker?
Professionals and the New Public Management
New Forms or a Democratic
Concluding Discussion
Research Design and Methodology
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Ewan Ferlie is at University of Warwick. Andrew Pettigrew is at Warwick Business School.

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