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and should determine to do his best to help drive them out of the land.

“It is a favourite theory of mine that everybody ought to leave the world a little better than it was when they found it, and so be helpers of God. I think almost everybody have it in their power to do something. A proverb says, ' A good knight is never at a loss for a lance,' and every individual who earnestly desires to do something for his suffering fellow-creatures, will never be at a loss what to do; given a willing spirit and active hands, the work will be found waiting

“Many men seem afraid to put their hand to a piece of work that requires doing; they have it in their power to remedy a wrong, to alleviate suffering, to help those in distress, but they never do it. If talking would do it, it would be speedily done, for all their effort expends itself in words. Proverbs abound which illustrate these kind of doers. There is a very homely one which says, 'Barking dogs don't bite; and talking men don't fight;' and another— The worse wheel is that which creaks;' while the Persian proverb reads, 'The horse that is ever bounding makes a short journey long; the man that is ever vaunting performeth little.' 'Silent tongue but speaking deeds,' should be the rule.

“Be heroes for your God, boys; His Son became a hero for you. Never flinch from doing what is right because of the consequences; do your little piece of THROWING COLD WATER.


it may

work manfully and bravely, and let the world talk as

There was never anything done yet but some one objected to the doing. Indeed, there are plenty of people who are too cowardly to act themselves, but always stand by ready to throw cold water on those that do. Never mind that; ' Offences will come, but woe unto them by whom they come.' What signifies what men say if you win the smile and approval of God?"



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He that will not when he may, when he will shall have nay.

To him that will alays are not wanting.

" Strike while the iron is hot."

IVhere there is a will there is a way.”

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