Two Hundred Years of the S. P. G.: An Historical Account of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1701-1900, Volume 1

Published at the Society's office, 1901 - 1429 pages
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Page 473 - We declare it to be our royal will and pleasure that none be in any wise favoured, none molested or disquieted by reason of their religious faith or observances, but that all shall alike enjoy the equal and impartial protection of the law; and we do strictly charge and enjoin all those who may be in authority under us, that they abstain from all interference with the religious belief or worship of any of our subjects, on pain of our highest displeasure.
Page 76 - That he would do his duty, preach and pray for the king, till the rebels cut out his tongue.
Page 122 - God's blessing, be improved; and that besides a competent maintenance to be assigned to the minister of each orthodox church, a convenient house be built at the common charge for each minister, and a competent proportion of land assigned him for a glebe and exercise of his industry.
Page 473 - Firmly relying Ourselves on the truth of Christianity, and acknowledging with gratitude the solace of Religion, We disclaim alike the Right and the desire to impose our Convictions on any of Our Subjects.
Page 108 - His Majesty having given directions that a number of persons should be sent to the Province of Nova Scotia, in North America, I am directed by my Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, to desire you will acquaint the Society for Propagating the Gospel in Foreign Parts, that it is proposed to settle the said persons in six Townships, and that a particular spot will be set apart in each of them for building a Church, and 400 acres of land adjacent thereto granted in perpetuity, free from the...
Page 197 - ... a convenient number of professors and scholars maintained there ; all of them to be under the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience ; who shall be obliged to study and practice physic and chirurgery, as well as divinity ; that by the apparent usefulness of the former to all mankind, they may both endear themselves to the people, and have the better opportunities of doing good to men's souls, whilst they are taking care of their bodies ; but the particulars of the constitution I leave to the...
Page 60 - You are to enquire whether there be any Minister within your Government who Preaches and administers the Sacrament in any Orthodox Church or Chapel, without being in due Orders, and to give an account thereof to the said Lord Bishop of London.
Page 77 - General Washington would be at church, and would be glad if the violent prayers for the king and royal family were omitted.
Page 81 - ... to alienate their affection from their brethren now under another government — with the pious wish, that their former exertions may still continue to bring forth the fruits they aimed at of pure religion and virtue. Our hearts are penetrated with the most lively gratitude by these generous sentiments ; the long succession of former benefits passes in review before us ; we pray that our Church may be a lasting monument of the usefulness of so worthy a body ; and that her sons may never cease...
Page 13 - Mr. Edward Marston, hath already been cited before their Board; which the inhabitants of that Province take to be a High Ecclesiastical Commission Court, destructive to the very being and essence of the Church of England, and to be had in the utmost detestation and abhorrence by every man that is not an enemy to our Constitutions in church and state.

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