The Kingdom of God: How It Began and How It Will End

Bruce Thomas, 30 mars 2007 - 224 pages
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How soon is the end of the Age? Are the events in the world today: The threat of new war, terrorism, loss of national security, currency wars, and uprisings in the Middle East warning us of the End of the Age? In His book, Dr. Bruce A. Thomas explores the beginnings of the Kingdom of God and gives in detail the major issues that affect us all as the End of the Age draws near. You will learn of the Capital City of the Kingdom, the reason for the Christ coming into the World and the chronology of the remaining events that will plague the world before the return of Jesus Christ on the Earth and the establishment of His Kingdom and rule on the earth.

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Table des matières

How the Kingdom Began Page 1 The Kingdom of Gods Son
The Capital City of Heaven
Seraphim Cherubim and Angels
Satan takes a Hostage on Earth
Justification and Redemption
How the Kingdom will End 6 Foundations
Christs early teaching on the End of the Age
Christs latter teaching on the End of the Age
The Trumpets of God
The Three Woes
The Great Tribulation
The Resurrection of the Righteous
The Wrath of God
The Kingdom of Christ
The Battle of Gog and Magog
The Resurrection and Judgment of the dead

The Revealing of Christ
The Outline of Events III
The New Heavens and New Earth
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Dr. Bruce A. Thomas is an ordained minister of the gospel, licensed by First Baptist Church Berkley in Norfolk, Virginia. He received his Masters of Divinity from the Norfolk Theological Seminary and College and he is currently the Pastor of the Mount Zion Baptist Church Chesapeake, Virginia. He has ministered internationally and his ministry is frequented by signs and wonders. Dr. Thomas and his wife reside in Portsmouth Virginia and they have three adult children. He may be contacted at 757-545-8605

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