A Hand-book for Travellers in France: Being a Guide to Normandy Brittany, Etc

1869 - 688 pages

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Page 132 - Je veux vaincre ou mourir avec vous. Gardez bien vos rangs ; ne perdez point de vue mon panache blanc, vous le trouverez toujours au chemin de l'honneur.
Page 251 - To revenge this conduct on the peaceable inhabitants of France would be unmanly and unworthy of the nations to whom the Commander of the Forces now addresses himself...
Page 107 - France, the seat of the Dukes of Normandy, and the birthplace of William the Conqueror. It is a grand and picturesque ruin, occupying a commanding position at the extremity...
Page 20 - The mind is filled and elevated by its enormous height (140 ft.), its lofty and many - coloured clerestory, its grand proportions, its noble simplicity. The proportion of height to breadth is almost double that to which we are accustomed in English cathedrals ; the lofty, solid piers, which bear up this height, are far more massive in their plan than the light and graceful clusters of our English churches, each of them being a cylinder with 4 engaged columns.
Page 68 - LE ROI D'YVETOT. IL était un roi d'Yvetot, Peu connu dans l'histoire ; Se levant tard, se couchant tôt, Dormant fort bien sans gloire, Et couronné par Jeanneton D'un simple bonnet de coton, Dit-on.
Page 293 - ... as much by night as by day. The accumulation of sand and pebbles, of which this soil is composed, is apparently the spoils of the Pyrenean rocks, brought down by the torrents tributary to the Garonne and other great rivers, and deposited in former ages on the borders of the sea.
Page 575 - Nous ne permettons jamais aux femmes d'entrer dans notre enceinte ; car nous savons que ni le sage, ni le prophète, ni le juge, ni l'hôte de Dieu, ni ses enfans, ni même le premier modèle sorti de ses mains, n'ont pu échapper aux caresses ou aux tromperies des femmes.
Page 20 - E. apse is a feature which we seldom see, and nowhere so exhibited, and on such a scale ; and the peculiar French arrangement which puts the walls at the outside edge of the buttresses, and thus forms interior chapels all round, in addition to the aisles, gives a vast multiplicity of perspective below, which fills out the idea produced by the gigantic height of the centre. Such terms will not be considered extravagant when it is recollected that the vault is half as high again as the roof of Westminster...
Page 35 - П en fut tirée," says Sully in his Memoirs, " une volée de quatre pièces, qui fit quatre belles rues dans leurs escadrons et bataillons." Three or four more discharges not only checked their advance, but drove them behind a bend of the valley to shelter themselves from the cannonade, and from this check they never recovered. The king, expecting the Leaguers to...

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