Systematische catalogus der Provinciale bibliotheek van Friesland: Algemeene werken. Wijsbegeerte. Taalen letterkunde

W. Eekhoff, 1871
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Page 260 - SPECIMENS of Cornish Provincial Dialect, collected and arranged by Uncle Jan Treenodle, with some Introductory Remarks and a Glossary by an Antiquarian Friend; also a Selection of Songs and other Pieces connected with Cornwall.
Page 257 - Westmoreland and Cumberland Dialects, Dialogues, Poems, Songs, and Ballads, by various Writers, in the Westmoreland and Cumberland Dialects, now first collected, to which is added, a Copious Glossary of Words peculiar to those Counties, post 8vo. pp. 408, cloth, 9s This collection comprises, in the Westmoreland Dialect, Mrs. Ann Wheeler's Four Familiar Dialogues, with Poems, &c.
Page 238 - ANALECTA ANGLO-SAXONICA.— A Selection, in Prose and Verse, from Anglo-Saxon Authors, of various ages, with a Glossary.
Page 124 - Précis du système hiéroglyphique des- anciens Egyptiens, ou Recherches sur les élémens premiers de cette écriture sacrée, sur leurs diverses combinaisons, et sur les rapports de ce système avec les autres méthodes graphiques égyptiennes ; par M.
Page 257 - Is. A GLOSSARY of Yorkshire Words and Phrases, collected in Whitby and its Neighbourhood, with examples of their colloquial use and allusions to local Customs and Traditions.
Page 260 - John Noakes and Mary Styles, a Poem, exhibiting some of the most striking lingual localisms peculiar to Essex, with a Glossary, by CHARLES CLARK, Esq. of Great Totham Hall, Essex, post 8vo. cloth, 2s " The poem possesses considerable humour."— Tait's Mag.
Page 242 - ANGLO-SAXON VERSION OF THE STORY OF APOLLONIUS of Tyre ;— upon which is founded the Play of Pericles, attributed to Shakespeare; — from a MS., with a Translation and Glossary.
Page 247 - Specimens of the Early English Poets, To which is prefixed An Historical Sketch of the rise and progress of the English Poetry and Language.
Page 248 - MAYOR ; being an Ancient Ballad full of Mystery and pleasant Conceit, now first collected and printed from the various MS. copies in possession of the inhabitants of the South-east coast of Kent, with Notes, 12mo.
Page 271 - QUESTION. Constater les analogies que présentent les langues flamande, allemande et anglaise, malgré les modifications qu'elles ont subies, et rétablir la signification des mots tombés en désuétude dans l'un de ces idiomes par celle qu'ils ont conservée dans un autre.

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