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Interesting and Entertaining Subjects :

But chiefly such as relate to the
History and Constitution of these Kingdoms.
-- Selected from an infinite Number in Print and Manuscript, in the ROYAL,

Cotton, Sion, and other Public, as well as Private Libraries.

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The Bent and Genius of the Age is best known, in a free Country, by the Pamphlets

and Papers that come daily out, as the Sense of Parties, and sometimes the Voice of
the Nation.

Preface to Kennet's Register.
Judex qui aliquid ftatuit, unâ parte auditâ tantum, & inauditâ alterâ, licet æquum
ftatuerit, haud æquus fuerit.

Ld. Coke & Just. Inft.

Printed for F. COGAN, at the Middle-Temple-Gate, in Fleet-Street.


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A new Test of the Church of England's Loyalty: Or,

Whiggish Loyalty and Church Loyalty compared. By Daniel D'Foe. 1702.

N all the unhappy Contentions among Parties and Factions, in this brangling Nation, the Champions of the Church of England, as they wou'd have themselves call’d, have laid it down as the distinguishing Mark

of their Hierarchy, that it is her Practice, and has been deriv'd from her very Constitution, as well as Doctrine, to fix in all her Members Principles of unshaken Loyalty to her Prince, entire and undisputed Obedience to all her Commands, and an Abhorrence of the very Thoughts of those Hellish Principles, That it can be lawful, on any Account, whatsoever to resist the establish'd Power of their Kings.

'Twou'd be endless to quote the Reverend Dr. B-ge, who, from the Text in the

Refist not the Powers, &c. for whatsoever Powers are, be ordained of God; whosoever therefore refifteth the Power, refifteth the Ordinance of God; tells us, “That if the King shou’d, by his Royal “ Command, execute the greatest Violence upon either our Person or Eftate, “ our Duty was to submit by Prayers and Tears first to God Almighty, to “ turn the Wrath of his Vicegerent from his Servant, and by humble En“ treaty to beg his Majesty's Grace and Pardon ; but to lift up the Hand against the Lord's Anointed, or resist the Evil of Punishment he thought fic to infli&t, this were a Crime unpardonable either before God or Man, and “ a Crime (says the Reverend Doctor) which we bless God the very Prin

ciples of our ever loyal Mother, the Churchof England, abhors and detests.'' VOL. III.


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