Luang Wichit Wathakan and the Creation of a Thai Identity

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1993 - 201 pages
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 This work presents the first English-language account of the role of the important thinker, writer and politician, Luang Wichit Wathakan, in the development of state nationalism during the period of political upheaval and conflict immediately following the overthrow of the absolute monarchy in 1932. 


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Nation Civilization Progress Official Nationalism
Luang Wichit Wathakans Early Life and Work
The Overthrow of the Absolute Monarchy
Luang Wichit and the Consolidation of
Luang Wichit and the Development
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 Scot Barme is currently working on his doctoral thesis at the Australian National University, the subject of which is the early history of the cinema in Thailand

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