Timoleon: A Tragedy. As it is Acted at the Theatre-Royal, by His Majesty's Servants, Volume 2

J. Watts, 1730 - 66 pages
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Page 27 - What will they then avail him in the Grave ? His various Policies, refin'd Devices, His fubtle Wit, his quick capacious Thought? Will they go with him to the Grave? No, no...
Page 23 - James Thomson, by far the finest poet of the eighteenth century dramatists, is almost as much a Miltonist in his plays as in The Seasons, not so much in similarities of phrase and rhythm, for lines like Collected, desperate, distress'd, and sore * are rare, as in missing, like his master...
Page 41 - I'm old, Old, old, and weak — — I am unfit to bear. •. • Lay me down gently in Mortality, Forgetting and forgot. ££wf. Eun. My trembling Heart ! Tis cold, and fick'ning with unufual Fears : And tho...
Page 33 - tis the fav'rite Attribute of Gods, Who look with Smiles on Men, who can afpire To Copy them- -If there are Gods, they Smile.
Page 33 - Freedom, Makes all the Guilt of Tyranny his own. His are her Sfaugh"tersi her Opprcffions his.
Page 8 - And leaves no room for fu'ch a Toy as Woman. •• Women are but the Playthings of an Hour: / • '-' Too much of 'em unmans us into Trifles, ',' : Like themfelves. To gain the fmalleft Blifs from fair Eunefia, Wifh Pride, with PJeafure I wou'd run thro' all ; Thefervile Duties of a Woman's Slavey An Age cou'd doar, and think an Age well fpent.

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