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V. 17-18



SERMON 1 The Glorious Gospel. 2 The Utility of Prayer. 3 Gain from the Sufferings of Christ. 4 The Duty of sending the Gospel to the Heathen. 5 Internal Evidences of Revelation. 6 and 7 The Mediation of Christ, the Ground of the Believer's Triumph. 8 and 9 The Evidence and Duty of being on the Lord's Side. 10 The day of Pentecost. 11 and 12 The Benefit of Afflictions. 13 The Duty of Family Worship. 14 The Union of Believers with Christ. 15 Duties of the Rich. 16. The Great Chnage.


SERMONS 17 and 18 The Native Character of Man. 19 The Unreasonableness and Danger of Indecision. 20 Mirror of Human Nature. 21 Practica! Test of Love or Enmity to God. 22 The Repentance of Peter.. 23 The Duty of Reproof 24 Resources of the Adversary, and Means of their Destruction. 25 The Conversion of Cities. 26 The Pure Gospel rejected by the Perishing. 27 The Final Judgment. 28 Concern for the Spiritual Wants of Men. 29 Scriptural Measure of Benevolent Effort. 30 Pride abased by the Gospel. 31 God's Respect to the Lowly. 32 The Malady and Physician of the Soul. 33 Christ the Divine and Only Savior. 34 Free Salvation. 35 Sovereign Grace. 36 Christian Decision.


SERMON 37 Duties of Young Christians. 38 The Example of Christ. 39 The Efficacy of Divine Truth. 40 Right Use of the Scriptures. 41 and 42 The Final Condition of All Men. 43 The Sinner's Self Destruction, and Only Remedy. 44 The Chief Evil of Sin. 45 The Power of Truth and Love. 46 and 47 On praying for all in Authority. 48 Christian and Ministerial Self Denial and Faithfulness. 49 Responsibilities of the Ministry and Church. 50 The Nature of Growth in Grace. 51 The Means of Growth in Grace. 52 The Long Forbearance of God. 53 Evangelical Truths Offensive to the Unrenewed, but Joyous to the Believer. 54 The Gospel the Only Security for Eminent and Abiding National Prosperity. 55 Propriety and Importance of Efforts to evangelize the Nation. 56 Preeminent Importance of the Christian Sabbath. 57 The Immutability of God. 58 The Nature and Reasonableness of Submission to God. 59 Full Assurance of Faith and Hope.


SERMON 60 The Final Dissolution of the World. 61 Preparation for Eternity. 62 The Son of God must be reverenced. 63 The Two Champions contrasted. 64 The Sinner's Imminent Danger. 65 The Sinner's Immediate Duty. 66 The Happy Family. 67 The Guilt, Folly, and Preventives of being in Debt. 68 Objections obviated, and God glorified by the Success of the Gospel. 69 A Dreadful Meeting. 70 Solemn Responsibility. 71 Encouragement only to the Devoted and Obedient. 72 Necessary Preparation for the Millennium. 73 The Wisdom and Beauty of Youthful Piety. 74 Appeal to American Youth on Temperance. 75 The Prayer of Faith. 76 The Heavenly Mind. 77 The Guilt of Inefficiency and Delay. 78 Man humbled and God honored. 79 God entitled to our Obedience. 80 Fatal Hinderance to Prayer. 81 Wealth a Fearful Snare to the Soul.


SERMON 82 The Teaching of the Spirit. 83 Practical Atheism of Sinners. 84 Alarm to Distillers and their Allies. 85 and 86 The Early Conversion of Children._87 Encouragement to Religious Effort. 88 Why the Wicked are suffered to live. 89 The Facility with which Sinners go to Destruction. 90 Influence of the Atonement on the Believer's Conscience. 91 Human Depravity and its Remedy. 92 Persuasives to Immediate Repentance. 93 The Gospel Harvest and Christian's Duty. 94 The Living Epistle. 95 Call to Professing Christians on Temperance. 96 Conviction by the Law. 97 Scriptural Evidence of Saving Faith. 98 and 99 The Duty, the Benefits, and the Proper Method of Religious Fasting, 100 The Conviction of Sinners at the Judgment. 101 The Sinner, and not the Believer, deranged. 102 The Probability of Perdition inferred from Present Impenitence. 103 The Wicked surprised by their own Destruction.


SERMONS 104 and 105 Duty of praying for Rulers. 106 and 107 Early Piety. 108 On the Death of Jeremiah Evarts, Esq. 109 Sinners avoid Conviction. 110 The Progress of the Righteous and Wicked compared. 111 Necessity of Divine Influence. 112 Sinners urged to a Reconciliation with God. 113 Hinderances to the Spread of the Gospel. 114 The Fool!

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