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the prayers we shall now make to the Lord, for the healing of your soul and body, and to obtain for you the full remission of all your sins; and, as the eyes, the ears, and the other organs of sense, are the instruments by which men are led to offend Al. mighty God, and they will on this account be anointed with the holy oil; whilst we apply this holy oil to your eyes, your ears, and the rest,-do you, with a contrite and humble heart, implore

of God for the forgiveness of all the sins which through the respective avenue have made their way ioto

your soul; as also for his supporting grace in this your illness; and that you may continue to the end ever faithful to him.

the mercy



4 The Priest says, In the game of the Father, fand of the Son, and of the holy Ghost: may, all the power of the devil be extinguished in thee, by the laying on of our hands, and by the invocation of all the holy angels, archangels, patriarchs, prophets, apostles, martyrs, confessors, virgins, and all saints. Amen. He then dipping his Thumb in the holy Oil, anoints: the sick person, in the form of the Cross, upon the Eyes, the Nose, Ears, Mouth, Hands, and Feet; at each Unction; saying :* May the Lord, through this holy unction, and

* Extreme-nnction was formerly in use among the Protestants, at may be seen by referring to King Edward the Vith's edition of the Common Prayer-brok. The rubric stood thus, in the Order for the Visitation of the Sick : “If the sick person desire to be anointed, " then shall the Priest anoint him upon the forehead or breast only, " making the sign of the Cross, saying thus :-"As with this visible

oil toy body outwardly is anointed, so, our heavenly Falker, Ak

of his own most tender mercy, forgive thee whata
soever sins theu hast committed by seeing, hear-
ing, &c.
Adopting the Form to the fire diferent Senses, und

then continues saying,
P. Lord have mercy upon us.
A. Christ have mercy upon us.
P. Lord have mercy upon us.

Our Father, who art in heaven, &c.-And lead us not into temptation.

A. But deliver us from evil. Amen.
P. Save thy servants.
A. Trusting in thee, O my God,

P. Send him, O Lord, help from thy holy place.

A. And from Sion defend him.
P. Be unto him, O Lord, a tower of strength.
A. From the face of the enemy.
P. Let not the enemy have power over him.

A. Nor the son of iniquity have power to hurt him.

P. O Lord, hear my prayer.
A. And let my cry come unto thee,

"mighty God, grant, of his infinite goodness, that thy soul inwardly

may be anointed with the Holy Ghost, who is the Spirit of all, " strength, comfort, relief, and gladness; and may be touchsafe for “his great mercy (if it be his blessed will) to restore unto thee thy bo“ dily bealth and strength to serve him; and send thee release of all “thy pains, troubles, and diseases both of body and mind. And " bowever his goodness (by his divine and ansearchable providence) "shall dispose of thee; we, his unworthy ministers and servants, " bumbly beseech the eternal Majesty to do with thee according to the m multitude of bis innumerable mercies, and to pardon thee all thy " gibs and offences consmitted by all thy bodily senses, passioós, and * carnal affections. May he also voucbsafe mercifully to grant anto "the ghostly strength by his holy spirit, to withstand and overcome "all temptations and assaults of thine adversary, that in no wise be "prevall against thee, but tbon mayest have perfect victory and *trumph against the devil, sin, and death. Thro Christ opr Lordi

Let us pray.

O God, who hast said by thy apostle, (James v. 14.) Is any one sirk among you? let him call for the Priests of the Church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil, in the name of the Lord; and the prayer of faith shall save the sick man, únd the Lord' shall raise him up, and if he be in sins they shall be forgiven him :--heal, we beseech thee, 0 our Redeemer, by the grace of the Holy Ghost, the disorders of this sick man ; heal his wounds, and forgive him his sins ; drive away from him all pains of mind and body, and mercifully restore him to perfect health, both as to the inward and outward man:--that being restored by thy mercy, he may return to his former duties. Who livest and reignest, &c.

Let us pray

Look down, O Lord, we beseech thee, on this thy servant sinking under the infirmity of his body; and refresh his soul which was created by thee-hat, having profited by thy afflictions, he may be healed by thy remedy. Thro', &c.

Let us pray.

O Holy Lord, Father Almighty, Everlasting God, who, by imparting the grace of thy blessing to sick bodies, preservest, according to the multitude of thy mercies, the works of thy hands; mercifully attend to the invocation of thy name, and, delivering thy servant from his sickness, and restoring him to health, raise him up by thy might, fortify him by thy strength, defend him by thy power, and restore him with all wished-for prus perity to thy holy Church. Thro', &c. A Prayer proper to be daily repeated in Time of

Sickness. LORD Jesus Christ, behold I receive this sickness, with which thou art pleased to visit me, as a



punishment coming from thy fatherly hand. It is thy will that I should be afflicted, and therefore I submit; thy will be done on earth as it is in hea.

May this sickness he to the honour of thy. holy name, and for the good of my soul. For this end I here offer myself with an entire submission to all thy appointments; to suffer whatever thou pleasest, as long as thon pleasest, and in what manner thou pleasest; for I am thy creature, O Lord, who have most ungratefully offended thee; and since my sins have a long time cried aloud to heaven for justice, why should I now complain if I feel thy hand upon me? No, my God, thou artjust in all thy ways; I have truly deserved tby punishment, and therefore have no reason to oomplain of thee, but only of my own wickedness. But rebuke me not, O Lord, in thy fury, nor chase tise me in thy wrath, but have regard to my weak.

Thou knowest how frail I am ; that I am nothing but dust and ashes. Deal not with me, therefore, according to my sins, neither punish me according to my iniquities; but, according to the multitude of thy tender mercies, have compassion on me. O! let thy justice be tempered with mercy, and let thy heavenly grace come into my assistance, to support me under this


illness, Confirm my soul with strength from above, that I may bear, with a truly christian patience, all the uneasiness, pains, disquiets, and difficulties, of my sickness; and that I may cheerfully accept them as the just punishment of my offences. Preserve me from all temptations, and be thou my defence against all the assaults of the enemy, that, during this illness, I may in no way offend thee; and if it is to be my last, I beg of thee so to direct me by thy grace, that I may never nega lect or be deprived of those helps, which thou hast in thy mercy ordained for the good of my soul, to prepare it for its passage into eternity; that, bes

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ing perfectly cleansed from all my sins, I may believe in thee, place my whole trust in thee, love thee above all things, and, through the merits of thy death and passion, be admitted into the company of the blessed, where I may praise thee for ever. Amen, Commendatory Prayer for a sick Person at the

point of departure. Go forth, O christian soul, from this world, in the name of God the Father Almighty, who created thee; in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, who suffered for thee ; in the name of the Holy Ghost, who has been poured forth upon thee; in the name of the angels and archangels; in the name of the thrones and dominations; in the name of the principalities and powers ; in the name of the cherubim and seraphim; in the name of the patriarchs and prophets ; in the name of the holy apostles and evangelists; in the name of the holy martyrs and confessors; in the name of the holy monks and hermits ; in the name of the holy virgins, and all the saints of God : let thy place be this day in peace, and thy abode in the holy Sion. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Another. O God most merciful, o God most clement, who, according to the multitude of thy tender merries, blottest out the sins of the penitent, and graciously remittest the guilt of their past offences; mercifully regard this thy servant N. and vouchsafe to hear hiin, who, with the whole confession of his heart, begs for the remission of all his sins. Renew, 0 most merciful Father, whatever has been corrupted in him through human frailty, or violated through the deceit of the enemy; and associate him as a member of re. demption to the unity of the body of the church.

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