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ing a perfect view of all my sins and iniquities, and sincerely repenting of them, I may know thee, and be again received into thy favour.

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THere follows the Examination of Conscience. ¶ Persons who misunderstand the Principle and Nature of Sacramental Confession, frequently express their dislike to that Duty, and declare that they cannot confess their Sins :-yet how capable do they prove themselves of it in publicly confessing the Sins of others! Would they only give the same account of their own Lives privately and humbly in a Confessional, which they so often report of their Neighbours in public Company without a Blush, little more would be wanting to make a good confession. The Nature and Number of the Sins committed, together with any circumstance, changing the spe1 cies of a sin, is what they are required to confess without naming any Persons concerned, or entering into a Detail of unessential circumstances.

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The following Table of Offences may assist a Person in preparing for Confession.

Against the first Commandment.

1. HAVE you ever worshipped any thing but God; and how often?

2. Have you ever put your trust in any being in heaven or on earth except God?

3. Have you ever put your faith in any graven image or likeness of any thing in heaven above, or in the earth beneath?

4. Have you been guilty of any kind of superstition?

5. Have you neglected to worship God by prayer and humility?

6. Have you neglected to get instruction in the principles of the christian religion; and for what length of time?

7. Have you been desirous of remaining ignorant of any of the revealed mysteries of faith

8. Have you ever obstinately disbelieved or called in question the mysteries of the Trinity, incarnation, or any of the other revealed mysteries of the christian religion?

9. Have you ever resisted the Holy Ghost by refusing to acknowledge what you judged to have been founded on divine revelation?

10. Have you ever resolved and acted contrary to your own better knowledge in matters of religion?

II. Have you delayed to profess that faith and religion, which in your conscience you believed to be true?

12. Have you ever consulted fortune-tellers, or used any charms or spells?

13. Have you with danger to yourself, and scandal to others, frequented places of worship in a false religion; and how often?

2d Commandment.

1. Have you ever rashly appealed to God? 2. Have you ever sworn falsely or perjured yourself?

3. Have you habituated yourself to profane swearing, and scandalized others by it?

4. Have you by your example taught others to swear?

5. Have you cursed yourself or others?

6. Have you ever used any blasphemous words against either of the sacred persons of the Holy Trinity; the saints of God; or the holy scriptures?

7. Have you ever broken any solemn oath or VOW?

8. Have you disseminated scandal, by irreverent remarks on religion, its ministers, or holy things?

3d Commandment.

1. Have you kept holily the Sabbath, and the feasts of obligation in the church?

2. Have you done servile work unnecessarily on those days?

3. Have you, through your own fault, neglected to be present on those days at the holy sacrifice of the altar, according to the precept of the church?

4th Commandment.

1. Have you, as a parent, been wanting in any duty towards your children; or as a child, have you been wanting in any duty towards your parents?

2. Have you, as a parent, sought your chil dren's temporal interest at the expence or risk of their eternal salvation?

3. Have you any way led them astray from virtue and duty by your own example?

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4. Have you as a husband or master, been harsh or overbearing in your commands?

5. Have you, as a wife or servant, been wanting in obedience and respect to your superior? 6. Have you as a subject been rebellious in act or intention, against the state?

7. Have you violated your oath of allegiance to your King, or instigated others to do it?

8. Have you neglected to give information to the magistrate of any plot against the state or King's person?

9. Have you, as a soldier, failed in your duty, loyalty, and subordination to your officers ? 10. Have you deserted from your colours in battle, or at any other time?

11. Have you been any ways wanting in your duty as a magistrate or judge?

5th Commandment.

1. Have you quarrelled with your neighbour? 2. Have you injured or desired to injure

others, either in their person, reputation, or property?

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3. Have you refused to forgive, and sought passionate revenge?

4. Have you committed or desired to commit bloodshed?

5. Have you desired or attempted to commit suicide?

6. Have you made religion a mask or excuse for injuring your neighbour?

7. Have you been wanting in charity to any person?

8. Have you desired or rejoiced at any person's loss, or misfortune?

9. Have you without a just cause exposed the faults of others?

10. Have you been guilty of intoxication, and how often?

11. Have you any way scandalized others ?

6th Commandment.

1. Have you been guilty of adultery or fornication; and how often?

2. Have you desired to commit either; and how often?

3. Have you intended to commit either; and how often?

4. Have you taken pleasure in thinking on any impure subject; and how often?

5. Have you endeavoured to excite your own passions; and how often?

6. Have you been guilty of indecent liberties; and how often?

7. Have you read indecent writings, or lent them to others; and how often ?

8. Have you exposed indecent pictures?

9. Have you kept in your possession, and not destroyed obscene books and pictures?

10. Have you joined in indecent conversation; and how often?

11. Has your dress been indecent; and have you thereby given scandal to others?

12. Have you carelessly allowed the morals of your children, or others under your charge to be exposed to temptation?

13. Have you committed any gross sin against chastity?

7th Commandment.

1. Have you been unjust in your dealings? 2. Have you stolen ? to what value? and was it from a poor person?

3. Have you neglected to restore ill-gotten property?


4. Have you refused to pay your just debts? 5. Have you secretly taken more than you contracted for?

6. Have you failed to give good work for your wages?

7. Have you consumed or given away your master's property?

8. Have you, as a servant, robbed from his cellar, his kitchen, his stables, or his farm?

9. Have you been an uncareful steward, bailiff or clerk?

8th Commandment.

1. Have you been addicted to telling lies? 2. Have you borne false evidence against your neighbour?

3. Have you hurt or endeavoured to hurt his reputation?

4. Have you neglected as far as in your power to replace him in the good opinion of others? 5. Have you been false and insincere in your depositions upon oath ?

9th Commandment.

1. Have you cast a lustful eye on another man's wife or husband? or have you coveted or wished to

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