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NOV. 2, 1863.

Walter and Nellie ; or, The Shadow of the Rock. By shall believe that good sense has fled the isle. The

the author of " Daisy Downs,” “Rosy's Fourth of vulgarism of thus cracking up sentences into brokenJuly," &c. Five illustrations. 16mo. pp. 293. winded parcels is inexcusable in Mr. Meredith. He

The above named books are well adapted for has within him the resources of too much inherent Sunday-school libraries. The stories are full of pliability and strength to render a resort to such interest, and contain a good moral.

literary stage effects necessary in his case, and we Daily Walk with Wise Men; or, Religious Exercises trust he will come to the conclusion, in his future

for Every Day in the Year. Selected, arranged, works, that our good old mother English, as we have and specially adapted. By Rev. Nelson Head been wont to speak, and write, and print it, is ade12mo. pp. xx.—782. New York: Harper & Bros. quate to all the purposes of fiction, and stands in

The authors from whose writings this work has no need of artifices of style so shallow and tricky. been compiled lived and wrote either prior to, or during the seventeenth century. The work is not

EDUCATIONAL. sectarian, but is intended for the use of all classes Chrestomathie Française. A French Reading Book ; of Christians. Among the writers here quoted are Containing: I. Selections from the best French Chrysostom, Augustine, Taylor, Baxter, Howe, Da writers, with references to the author's French venant, Reynolds, Flavel, Calvin, Dr. Bates, Leigh Grammar. II. The Masterpieces of Molière, Raton, and many others of equal ability and piety. cine, Boileau, and Voltaire. With Explanatory The author has succeeded in exhibiting every as Notes, Biographical Notices, and a Vocabulary. pect of Christian life, and at the same time to render By William J. Knapp, A.M., Professor of Modern the book acceptable to youth as well as to age. Languages and Literature in Madison University. Alice Barlow; or, Principle in Everything. A Vil 12mo. pp. 480. New York: Harper & Brothers.

lage History. Six Illustrations. 16mo. pp. 268. The distinguished publishers of this volume, in Philadelphia : Presbyterian Publication Com- addition to their many other enterprises, contemmittee.

plate issuing a series of Text Books for the study A capital book for girls, and a pretty gift for of the Modern Languages. The present work is one youth of both sexes.

of that series designed to meet the growing demands of this branch of literary culture in our

colleges and seminaries of learning. The selections FICTION

contained in the first part, consisting of Fables, Pique: A Novel. Boston : Loring. 1863. pp. 416. History, Poetry, Memoirs, Epistolary Correspon

The interest of this story was enough to insure dence, Dialogue, and Oratory, are characterized by our continued perusal of it until we reached its the purity end. We anticipate for it a general popularity, and whom the selections have been made. In the se

style belonging to the authors from have no doubt that it will be especially attrac-cond part the reader is furnished with the most tive to female readers. It will be suggestive to all perfect specimens of French composition.

The of them, and may be corrective to some. It is a vocabulary will be found very useful, especially in minute narrative of the wayward experiences of the the translation of idioms, a feature which will renheart, in matters of affection, love, and marriage. der the work especially useful to students. This It belongs rather •to the reflective and subjective volume inaugurates a series which cannot fail to than to the sensational and muscular department of meet with an extensive demand. fiction, and is characterized by a reasonable conformity to actual life, and by a pervading healthfulness of tone. Perhaps in its unfolding of the plot

QUESTIONS OF THE DAY. there is too much prolixity. Four hundred solid Does the Bible Sanction American Slavery? By pages are a large space to occupy in working up ac Goldwin Smith. Cambridge: Sever & Francis. cessories and details, when the mere facts could be 1863. pp. 107. told in less than half a dozen. But we are not dis This is another contribution to the prolific subject posed to be censorious of a work so free from the of slavery. The author is Professor of History at objectionable traits of many of our recent spasmodic Oxford, and he has in other works vindicated his novels, and where the moral of the story is so un- reputation as a learned and forcible writer. His exceptionable and improving.

pamphlet should by no means be disregarded by The Ring of Amasis. From the Papers of a German those who are studying the question. He admits

Physician. By Robert Bulwer Lytton. New York: that “the Old Testament distinctly recognizes Harper & Brothers. 1863. pp. 301.

slavery as a Hebrew institution," and that “the Whoever is fond of the wild, weird-like, mysteri- New Testament speaks of slavery in several pasous, and terrible may here sup full upon such sages, and does not condemn it." His argument is strangeness and horror. There is a great deal of that, notwithstanding these admissions, we are, for power and penetration displayed in the composition divers reasons which he enumerates, not justified in of the work, for the author, under the name of Owen drawing “the conclusion that slavery is a divine Meredith, has won a reputation for himself. But institution, established by God for all time.” we are constrained to say that, in our judgment, the general plan and execution of the story are vicious.

MISCELLANEOUS. It is an attempt, not only to work up the element Reminiscences of Amherst College, Historical, Scienof terror from a psychological standpoint, as grossly tific, Biographical, and Autobiographical ; Also, of as in the Radcliff novels and the Bandit books it is other and wider Life Experiences. With four plates worked up from a sensuous standpoint, but it adopts and a Geological map. By Edward Hitchcock. as its vehicle of thought the jerky, intermittently 12mo. pp. 412. With Portrait and a full Index. explosive style of the French volcanic school. Take, Northampton, Mass. : Bridgeman & Childs. for instance, such writing as this :

ing a riod of thirty-eight years the Rev. Dr. “ He shrank back.

Hitchcock has been prominently and honorably “ The hand of Felix had disappeared.

connected with Amherst College, twenty-eight years Again it rose,

as Professor, and ten as President. Throughout “ And disappeared again.”

that long period he was never prevented from girIf young England is going to naturalize such ing his assigned course of instruction, either by sentence-making as this among her novelists, we , sickness or absence. He was personally acquainted

NOV. 2, 1863.

pp. 62.

with all the instructors, trustees, and other persons of an excellent list of educational works, among who have ever been officially connected with the which are the Pinney series of French Grammars College, With these facilities the author has been and Readers, and Lossing's School Histories. In enabled to give to the work an interest beyond a their miscellaneous stock we find popular producmere historical outline of the Institution. The tions by Abbott, Lossing, Olmstead, and Parton. contents are classified under the following heads: They also supply cabinet organs and melodeons, of 1. Biographical Notices ; II. Statistical History; which descriptive and illustrated catalogues will be III. History of the Cabinets, Laboratory, and Library; furnished upon application to them. IV. Financial History ; V. History of Temperance New publications by Frederick Leypoldt, 1323 Chestin the College ; VI. Religious History ; VII. Scen nut Street, Philadelphia. October, 1863. pp. 14. ery and Geology; VIII. Personal History. This Mr. Ley poldt's admirable taste is shown even in last named section is an autobiography interspersed the getting up of his catalogue, which is an attracwith anecdotes illustrating the most interesting tive specimen of typography. He deals largely in portions of the learned author's career. The work French and German works, both as seller and imis well gotten up, and merits a more extended sale porter. His own publications comprise “The Ice than books of this class generally meet with. Maiden,” “Life of Chopin,” “Mendelssohn's Let

ters," "The Jobsiad,” Heine's works, a Foreign CATALOGUES.

Library, consisting of select works of fiction; a new Catalogue of Choice English Books and Standard series of standard educational works, &c. He has in

American Publications. To be sold at auction on preparation, among other things, an edition of Schil. November 3d, 4th, and 5th, 1863, by Bangs, Mer- ler's complete works, with careful revisions and new vin & Co., New York, Nos. 594 and 596 Broadway. translations, and Photograph Albums of Dore's

famous illustrations of “The Wandering Jew ;" of These books are from the stock of W. T. Berry & Chateaubriand's “Atala,” and of Perrault's “SleepCo., Nashville, Tenn. We presume they are put ing Beauty in the Wood.” He has already pubthus upon the market in consequence of the effects lished the illustrations of Dante's “Inferno,” by the of the war upon business in that section of the same artist. country. Berry & Co. are well known as larger Moore & Nims, Troy, New York, furnish a list of dealers in fine and expensive books than perhaps their books, maps, and globes, including Wood's any other house in the Southwest. It is an admir- “ Botany,” Camp's “Geography,” Webster's “ Dicable collection of choice editions in all departments tionaries,” Mitchell's “Outline Map” and “Physical of literature, bound mostly in morocco, calf, half- Map.” They also, by arrangement with the manumorocco, and half-calf. Gentlemen who are furnish- facturers, supply the Franklin and Joslin Globes, 6, ing libraries will do well to give attention to the 10, 12, 16, and 30 inches in diameter. The Globes list, as the entire assortment is of a class not often can be safely packed and shipped by railroad or found together in auction rooms. Orders of pur- steamer to any part of the United States. chase will be filled by the auctioneers.

A List of Books published by Messrs. Ticknor & The parcel sale of books by Mr. Cooley, of New Fields, 135 Washington Street, Boston. SeptemYork, advertised in our present number, should also ber, 1863. pp. 21. receive the attention of the trade. It will commence The stock of this house, as is well known, comon Tuesday morning, December 1, at the Trade Sale prises some of the choicest portions of our domesRooms, No. 498 Broadway. Mr. Cooley also holds tic literature. The taste and energy of the firm regular evening sales throughout the winter season.

seem inexhaustible, and they are increasing their His accounts and remittances are always prompt. extended list by rapidly publishing and preparing Catalogue of Publications of Mason Brothers, Nos. 5 large and valuable additions thereto. The beautiand 7 Mercer Street, New York. October, 1863. ful “ Blue and Gold” series has, according to the

catalogue before us, reached thirty-five volumes, This firm, as is well known, is extensively en- and the new and attractive “cabinet edition” of the gaged in the publication of musical works. In that poets, so recently commenced, already extends to department they have but few if any rivals among seven volumes, consisting of Longfellow, Tennyson, our other book publishers. Accordingly we find in Whittier, and Holmes. The collection and republitheir catalogue about sixty titles, embracing a large cation of the De Quincey papers was such an adenumeration of general and special psalmody, in- venturous and successful achievement, that we cluding collections of Anthems and Choruses, Glee trust the publishers will be encouraged to work Books, and Singers for academies and seminaries, up the department of select German translations school exhibitions, concerts, &c. These publica- which has been so auspiciously inaugurated by the tions, by their thoroughness, variety, and merit, Richter volumes. It is a mine of literary wealth have done much to educate the musical taste of which, if developed in a bold spirit, would doubtour people. Mason Brothers are also the proprietors less yield rich products to the reader and publisher.

pp. 15.


ANNOUNCEMENTS. D. Appleton & Co., New York.

F. W. Christern, New York. At Home and Abroad. By M. Manners. A Juvenile. Religious and Critical Essays of Ernest Renan. Trans. Harry's Vacation ; or, Philosophy at Home.

lated from the French by Rev. 0. B. Frothingham. Wm. C. Richards.

M. W. Dodd, New York.
Pet Birds and Other Stories. By Cousin Alice.
Pleasure and Profit; or, Lessons in the Lord's Prayer.

Chronicles of the Schönberg-Cotta Family. by Mrs. Manners.

Jas. G. Gregory, New York. Queen Mab. A new Novel. By Julia Kavanagh. The Vagabonds. By J. F. Trowbridge, with Illus. Adams, Sampson & Co., Boston.

trations by Darley. New York State Business Directory for 1864.

The Story Book of Good and Great Men.
Carlton & Porter, New Yk.

F. J. Huntington, New York.
The Life of Nathan Ban 3. D.D. By Abel Stevens. The Sacred Lute. A Book of Church Music.

NOV. 2, 1863.

F. Leypoldt, Philadelphia.

D. & J. Sadlier & Co., New York.
The Countess of Albany. From the French of Saint Guide for Catholic Young Women. By the Rev. Geo.
René Taillandier.

Modern France : Its Journalism, Literature, and Sermons by the Paulist Fathers for 1863.
Society. By Kirwan.

The Catholic Almanac for 1864.
Mademoiselle La Quintinie. From the French of

Charles Scribner, New York. George Sand.

The School Girl's Garland. Selections of Poetry. By Mother Goose from Germany. With Illustrations.

Mrs. C. M. Kirkland. Mother Pitcher's Poems for Little People. With

Eubank's Hydraulics. New Edition, with Additions. Illustrations.

Prof. Sheed's Lectures on the History of Doctrines. Joel Munsell, Albany.

Sheldon & Co., New York. History of Duryée's Brigade (N. Y. Vols.).

Dickens Christmas Stories. Illustrated by Hows. G. P. Putnam, New York.

Children's Sayings. By Caroline Hadley. The Artist's Edition of Washington Irving's Sketch The Illuminated Book of Nursery Rhymes. Book.

J. E. Tilton & Co., Boston. Hannah Thurston. A Story of American Life. By

A System of Logic. New and enlarged edition. By Bayard Taylor.

John Stuart Mill. The Life and Letters of Washington Irving. Fourth

Dreamthorp. By Alexander Smith. vol. completing the work. Rip Van Winkle. Illustrated with 13 original designs Tompkins & Co., Boston. by eminent artists.

Commentary on Paul's Epistle to the Corinthians. By Sleepy Hollow. Illustrated with 10 original designs

Rev. R. L. Paige, D.D. by eminent artists.

Walker, Wise & Co., Boston. The Hudson Legends. From the Sketch Book of The Whip, Hoe, and Sword. By Rev. Geo. H. Hep. Geoffrey Crayon.

worth. Washington Irving's Sketch Book. In blue and gold. W. & J. Widdleton, New York. Biographical Record of Men Distinguished in Ame.

Praed's Works. Edited, with a Life. By Rev. Der. rican Annals, 1860–63. Edited by Frank Moore.

went Coleridge. Roberts Brothers, Boston.

Their Majesties' Servants—a History of the English The Iinprovement of Time. By John Foster.

Stage, Actors, Authors, and Audiences. By Dr. The Pigeon-Pie. By Miss Yonge.


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PRESWICK & DUDLEY, ELMIRA, N. Y. Also one copy of Da Costa's "Four Witnesses.'

Want Publishers' Net Trade Lists. BROWN & JOHNSTON, MONMOUTI, ILL.

J. G. DAVENPORT, AG'T, CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa. Want Publishers' Net Trade Lists.

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Svo. PP.



the Isle of Wight. 16mo. pp. 252. Illustratad. N. Y.: Shel. and Compiled by B. F. Baker. 4to. pp. 112. N. Y.: S. T. don & Co. CI. 75 cts.

Gordon. Bds. $2.00. ABBOTT. American History. By Jacob Abhott. Vol. 5. The BARNES. The Draft Riots in New York, July, 1563.

The Wars of the Colonies. 16mo. pp. 288. Map and Engravings. Metropolitan Police: their Services during Riot Week. N. Y.: Sheldon & Co. Cl. 85 cts.

Their Honorable Record. By David M. Barnes. ALICE BARLow; or, Principle in Everything. A Country Village

119. N. Y.: Baker & Godwin. Pap. 50 cts. Cl. $1.00. History. 18ino. pp. 230. Illus. Phila. : Pbn. Bd. of Pub. BENTLEY. A Story of To-Day. By the author of “Life Before CI. 45 cts.

Him," etc. (Standard Series, No. 5). 16mo. pp. 221. N. Y.: ALMANAC. The Presbyterian Historical Almanac and Annual Jas. G. Gregory. Pap. 30 cts. Cl. 60. Remembrancer of the Church, for 1863. By Joseph M. Wild Beecher. England and America. The Speech of Henry Ward

Vol. 5. Pp. 29-195. Plates. Phila.: Jos. M. Wilson. Beecher, delivered at Manchester, England, Oct. 9. 12no. Bds. $2.00.

pamphlet, pp. 48. Boston: James Redpath. 15 cts. ALMANAC. The Universalist Register, 1864. A. B. Grosh, edi. BIBLE. An Index to the Bible, with Suggestions for the proper tor. 12mo. Boston: Tompkins & Co. Pap. 13 cts.

reading of the Scriptures; also, Counsels for Prayer. *18mo. XDERSON. Fairy Tales. By Hans Christian Anderson. 16mo.

Boston: Am. Tract. Soc. Pap. 05 cts. pp. 165. Illus. N. Y.: Jas. Miller. Cl. $1.00.

BLIND ANNIE LORIMER. By the author of “George Miller and AxNALS OF THE ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND: comprising Biogra

his Mother," etc. 18mo. pp. 200. Phila. : Pon. Bd. of Pub.

CI. 40 cts. pbies, Descriptions of Departments, Accounts of Expeditions, Skirmishes and Battles; also its Police Record of Spies, BORDER AND BASTILLE. By the author of “Guy Livingstone." Smugglers, and Prominent Rebel Emissaries. Together with 12mo. pp. xii., 291. N. Y.: W. J. Pooley & Co. Cl. $1.00. Anecdotes, Incidents, Poetry, Reminiscences, etc., and Official Bourne. A Catechism of the Steam Engine in its various ap Reports of the Battle of Stone River. By an Officer. Illus

plications to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation, Railways, and trated with Steel Portraits, Wood Engravings, and Maps.

Agriculture. With Practical Instructions for the Manufacture Svo. pp. 671. Phila.: Lippincott & Co. CI. $3.50.

and Management of Engines of every class. By John Bourne,

C. E. APPLETONS' UNITED States POSTAL Guide: containing the Chief

New and revised edition. 12mo. pp. xii., 419. N. Y. : Regulations of the Post Office, and a Complete List of Post

Appletons. CI. $2.00. Offices throughout the United States, with other Information Brown. The Black Man: his Antecedents, his Genius, and his for the People. Published Quarterly. No.1. 16mo. pp. 211, Achievements. By Wm. Wells Brown. New edition. Svo. N. Y.: Appletons. Per No. 25 cts. Per year, $1.00.

pp. 310. Boston: Jas. Redpath. Bds. $1.00.

PP. 64.

NOV. 2, 1863.

BUNTLINE. The Rattlesnake; or, the Rebel Privateer. A Tale | HOLLAND. Bitter-Sweet. A Poem. By J. G. Holland. With

of the Present Time. By Ned Buntline. 8vo. pp. 79. Illus. Illustrations by E. J. Whitney. Sm. 410. pp. 232. N. Y. : N. Y.: F. A. Brady. Pap. 25 cts.

Chas. Scribner. Cl. extra, $5.00. Mor. $7.50. CAMPBELL. Popular Lectures and Addresses. By Rev. A. HOLLISTER. The Sunday School Service and Tune Book, se.

Campbell. 8vo. pp. viii., 17—647. Portrait. Phila.: Chal lected and arranged by John C. Hollister, Superintendent, len & Son. Cl. $2.50.

&c. Oblong 16mo. pp. 160. N. Y.: Mason Bros. Bds.

38 cts. Cl. 50 cts. CARMEL, The; or, the Conversion of Hermann, the Pianist. 16mo. pp. 180. Boston: P. Donahoe. Cl. 50 cts.

HOME VIEWS OF THE PICTURESQUE AND BEAUTIFOL Sixty-eight COMFORT FOR AFFLICTED Youth, in Letters from a father to his “Home Views," engraved on steel by the best American

Children. 18mo. pp. 36. Phila. : Pon. Bd. of Pub. Limp. artists Illuminated Title-page And nearly three hundred 15 cts.

pages of the choicest reading matter, connected with and COOK. The Union. Music for the Church, and Songs for the

illustrating each picture; the whole having been carefully Fireside. A Collection of Anthems, Sentences, Glees, Quar

edited and prepared : and the most of it gotten up especially

for this volume by the editor. Inperial octavo, tinted paper. tetts, Duets, &c. By T. J. Cook, editor, &c. Oblong, pp. 112. N. Y.: F. J. Huntington. Bds. 75 cts.

Cincinnati : Poe & Hitchcock. Turkey mor. $12.00. CUNNINGHAM. Cross' Templar's Chart, thoroughly revised to Hopkins. Baccalaureate Sermons and Occasional Discourses,

correspond with the Regulations of the Grand Encampment by Mark Hopkins, D.D., President of Williams College (Fifof the United States of America. By Will, M. Cunningham, teen Sermons). 8vo. Boston: T. R. Marvin & Son. Cl. $1.25. K. T., S. P. R. S. 12mo. pp. 204. Hlus. Phila. : Moss & Co. Hopkins. Evidences of Christianity. Lectures before the CI. $1.25.

Lowell Institute, January, 1814. Revised as a Text-Book. DERRY. Elton Wheatly, the Stammerer, or “Like other Folks." By Mark Hopkins, D.D., President of Williams College. Svo.

By Ellen Derry. 18mo. pp. 92. Hlus. Boston: Am. Tract pp. 356. Boston: T. R. Marvin & Son. Cl. $1.25.
Soc. CI. 25 cts.

HOSPITAL Life; being Incidents from the Prayer Meeting and DE SMET. Western Missions and Missionaries: A Series of Hospital, 18mo. pp. 180. Illus. N. Y.; Bd. of Pub. Ref.

Letters by Rev. P. J. De Smet, of the Society of Jesus, author Prot. Dutch Ch. CI. 35 cts. of "Indian Sketches," etc. 12mo. pp. 632. N. Y.: Jas. B. Hyde. Bible Stories in Verse for the Little Ones at Home. By Kirker. Cl. $1.50.

Anna M. Hyde. Sq. 12mo. pp. 87. Illus. N.Y.: Jas. Miller. DOANE. Seducing Spirits and Doctrines of Devils. A Sermon. Cl. 88 cts.

By the Rev. Wm. Crosswell Doane, B. D. 8vo. pp. 22. N. Y.: ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF Songs, The, for Children. Sq. 12mo. pp. H. B. Durand. Pap. 15 cts.

64. Illus. N. Y.: Jas. G. Gregory. Cl. 60 cts. Drees. Beitrage zur Mission der Lutherischen Kirchen in der Kelso. The Stars and Bars; or, the Reign of Terror in Mis.

Stadt in New York. Von J. W. Drees, Prediger an der er souri. By Isaac Kelso, of Platte City, Mo. 12mo. pp. vi., lutherischen St. Lucas-Cirche in New York. 16mo. pp. 59. 324. Boston: A. Williams & Co. Cl. $1.25. N. Y.; H. Ludwig. Pap. 50 cts.

L'OUVERTURE. See Toussaint. DEGANNE. The Ring of Destiny; or, the Astrologer's Plot. A

MAINE. Reports of Cases in Law and Equity, determined by Tale of Ancient Days. By A. J. H. Duganne. 4to. pp. 52.

the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine. By Wales Hubbard, Illus. Boston: F. Gleason.

Reporter to the State. Maine Reports, Vol. 48. Svo. pp. 656. EDWARDS. Little Bird Red and Little Bird Blue. A Tale of Hallowell: Masters, Smith & Co. Shp. $5.00.

the Woods. By M. Betham Edwards. Lg. 12mo. pp. 48. Illus. N. Y.; Šas. G. Gregory. Cl. 60 cts.


,1862: commemorative of the Planting of the Popham Colony ELMER. Classic Quotations: A Thought Book of the Wise

on the Peninsula of Sabino, August 16, 0. S. 1607, establishSpirits of all Ages and all Countries, fit for all men and all

ing the Title of England to the Continent. Published under hours. Collected, arranged, and edited by James Elmer.

the direction of the Rev. Edward Ballard, Secretary of the New Edition, with Additions. 16mo. pp. xxii., 256, x. N.Y.:

Executive Committee of the Celebration. 8vo. pp. xiv., 368, Jas. Miller. CI. 88 cts.

Map. To which is added A Vindication of the claims of Sir FLEURY. L'Histoire de France, racontée à la Jeunesse. Par Fernando Gorges as the Father of English Colonization in

M. Lamé Fleury. 16mo. pp. 372. Phila.: F. Leypoldt. Cl. America. By John A. Poor, Svo. pp. 114. Portland: Bailey $1.25.

& Noyes. C1. $2.25. Foa. Le Petit Robinson de Paris. Par Madame Eugéne Foa. MERCADANTE'S CELEBRATED MASS FOR FOUR Voices. With an

12mo. pp. 152. Boston: S. Urbino; N. Y.: Christern. Cl. Organ Accompaniment. Composed by S. Mercadante. Svo. 65 cts.

pp. 44. N. Y.: S. T. Gordon. Bds. $1.00. Fry. Jenny, the Crochet-worker; or, the Path of Truth. By MERCADANTE'S CELEBRATED MASS FOR THREE VOICES, with Latin

the late Sarah M. Fry, author of "The Lost Key,” etc. 18mo. aud English Words. By Saveris Mercadante. 8vo. Pp. 12. pp. 139. Illus. Phila. : Pon. Bd. of Pub. C1. 30 cts.

N. Y.: S. T. Gordon. Bds. $1.00. GARDNER. Rosedale: A Story of Self-Denial. By Mrs. H. C. MILL. Principles of Political Economy with some of their ap

Gardner. Large 12mo. pp. 410. Cincinnati: Poe & Hitch plications to Social Philosophy. By John Stuart Mill. From cock. $1.25.

the Fifth London Edition. 2 vols. Svo. pp. 616, 603. N. Y. : GASPARIN. Happiness: Discourses delivered at Geneva by

Appletons. Cl. $6.00. Count Agenor de Gasparin. Illustrated by Mary L. Booth. MINNESOTA. Reports of Cases argued and determined in the With an Introduction by Rev. E. K. Kirk, D.D. 16mo. pp. Supreme Court of the State of Minnesota. Vols. 6 and 7. 232. Boston: Am. Tract Soc. C1, 50 cts.

Containing the Cases decided at the December Term 1861, GOLDEN STORIES, The (The White Kitten; The Tent in the Gar

and the July Terin 1862. By Harvey Officer, Attorney at den; Loving Words and Loving Deeds; The Watermelon ;

Law. 8vo. pp. 615, 561. St. Paul: Pioneer Rg. Co. Shp. Willie Wilson, the Newsboy). 5 vols. 32mo. pp. 6+ each.

ea. $5.00. N. Y.: Wm. Wood & Co. In case, 75 cts.

MITCHELL. My Farm of Edgewood: A Country Book. By the Goode. Outposts of Zion : with Limnings of Mission Life. By

author of "Reveries of a Bachelor." 12mo. pp. xi., 319. N. Rev. William H. Goode. Large 12mo. pp. 464. Cincinnati:

Y.: Chas. Scribner. CI. $1.50. Poe & Hitchcock. $1.25.

Monon. Looking unto Jesus. Translated from the French HALLAM. Remains in Verse and Prose of Arthur Henry Hal

of Rev. A. Monod. By Rev. Samuel M. Akerly. 32mo. Pp. lam.

30. With a Preface and Memoir. 16mo. Pp. 441. Boston:

N. Y.: Kelley & Bro. Pap. 5 cts., limp. 10 cts. Ticknor & Fields. CI. $1.50.

New Fortune Teller, Tye; or, The POETICAL FATE Book. HELION DE VILLENEUVE, a French Zouave. A Model for Chris.

16mo. pp. 79. N. Y.: Jas. Miller. Cl. 38 cts. tian Soldiers. 16mo. pp. 81. Boston: P. Donahoe. Cl. 38 cts.

New HAMPSHIRE. Reports of Cases argned and determined in HILLARD. The Fifth Reader, for the use of Public and Private the Supreme Judicial Court of New Hampshire. By Wm. E.

Schools, with an Introductory Treatise on Elocution, by Chandler, State Reporter. Vol. 43. 8vo. pp. 686. Concord : Prof. Mark Bailey. By G. S. Hillard. 12mo. pp. 36t. Bos G. P. Lyon. Shp. $1.50. ton: Brewer & Tileston, Cl. 58 cts.

New YORK. Reports of Cases in Law and Equity determined HILLARD. The Intermediate Reader for the use of Schools. in the Supreme Court of the State of New York. By Oliver

With an Introductory Treatise on Reading and the Training L. Barbour, LL.D. 8vo. pp. 700. Albany: W. C. Little. of the Vocal Organs. By G. S. Hillard. With Original Illus Shp. $1.00. trations. 12mo. pp. 246. Boston: Brewer & Tileston. CI.

New YORK. Reports of Practice Cases. By Abbott Brothers. 42 cts.

Vol. 16. No. 1. In Nos. 3.-a Vol. N. Y.: Jno. S. Voorhies. HILLARD. The Sixth Reader. Consisting of Extracts in Prose Shp. $3.50.

and Verse, with Biographical and Critical Notices of the NEWTON. The Jewish Tabernacle and its Furniture, in their Authors, for the use of advanced classes in Public Schools,

Typical Teachings. By Rev. Richard Newton, D.D., Rector with an Introductory Treatise on Elocution, by Prof. Mark

of the Church of the Epiphany, Philadelphia. 12mo. pp. Bailey. By G. S. Hillard. 12mo. pp. 424. Boston: Brewer 393. Illustrated. N. Y.: Carters. Cl. $1.50. & Tileston. Cl. 75 cts.

NICHOLAS. Conservative Essays, Legal and Political.

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NOV. 2, 1863.

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Rivers." Twenty-eight Engravings on Steel, executed by the best

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CI. $1.25. Ainerican Artists. Illuminated Title-Page. The subjects selected are all representative characters; and each portrait is ac

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Accedunt s. Iguatii et S. Polycarpi Martyria. Ad fidem codi.

cum recensnit, adnotationibus variorum et suis illustravit, BROWNE (Hablot K ). A Run with the Stay Hounds. By

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duction to the Hebrew Language ; exhibitiogin Twenty-four PAOB (A) from the Peerage. By the Author of “The Colonel." Tables the Interpretation of all the Hebrew and Chaldee

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Words, both Primitives and Derivatives, contained in the
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108. 6.

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the Sundays and other Holy Days of the Christian Year. Sev.
enteenth Sunday after Trinity to Advent and other Holy

covery. By A. H. Rhind. Obg. fol. Longman. 428. Days, 8vo. Bell & Daldy. 138.

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in its Applications to the Arts and Manufactures. Second

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the Application of the Principle of the Ritle to Guns and

Mortars of every Calibre. Svo. W. Mitchell 88.
Lectures containing the Results of Personal Investigation of
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of Original Memoirs of Distinguished Men of all Ages and and Edith. Fcap 8vo. Christian World Office. 38.

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