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NOV. 2, 1863.

413 Broadway, New York,


Has ready this week Alice of Monmouth, and other Poems. By

Edmund C. Stedman. An elegant cloth bound volume, printed on tinted paper by Houghton of Cambridge.Price $1.—"The scenes are laid in the meadows of the North, and the hospitals and battle-fields of Virginia. * * The theme is peculiarly adapted to Mr. Stedman's fancy, his intense human sympathy, and his power of description. * * It will undoubtedly prove to be one of the most welcome books of the season." —New York Daily Times.

Also Just Published.


The fascinating new novel of Italy and Italian romance, YORK CITY. A new volume of these very interesting and just written by RUFFINI, the author of “Doctor Antonio," gossipy sketches about the Merchant Princes and Nabobs and "Lavinia." Vincenzo is immensely praised by the of New York. Being a second series. By WALTER BAREnglish critics, who call it one of the most interesting fic RETT, Clerk. The thousand and one spicy items and anections since "Les Miserables." Published in octavo, paper dotes concerning the “first families," are putting “Fifth covers. Price 75 cents.

Avenoodledom" and the "Cod fish Aristocracy" in a blaze.

One handsome cloth-bound volume. Price $1.50. HUSBAND AND WIFE; or, The

Science of Human Development through Inherited Tend- VICTOR HUGO-A LIFE. By a encies. An attempt to collect, condense, and put in popu WITXESS. A new edition of one of the most charming and lar form some of the great truths contained in the recently

entrancing volumes that has ever issued from the French published works intended exclusively for the Medical Pro

press. Fresh, dramatic, graphic, and lively, it abounds fession, or for the natural philosopher. 1 vol. 12m0., cloth with the same delightful interest that made “Les Miserabound, $1.25.

bles" so wonderfully attractive. No reader of that mar

vellous romance can be satisfied without its companion, FRANK WARRINGTON. A new

“ The Story of Victor Hugo's fe." One handsome 8vo., and intensely interesting Novel by the author of “Rat cloth bound, $1.25. ledge” and “The Sutherlands." * A fiction of enthralling interest, and one that will be eagerly devoured by every MARIAN GREY. A charming new modern novel reader. Nearly 8,000 copies are already

domestic novel by Mrs. MARY J. Holmes, author of “Lena swept off, and the demand is unceasing. Large 12mo., cloth

Rivers," “Meadow Brook,” “Homestead," “Dora Dean," bound, price $1.50.

“Consin Maude," etc. *** The works by this delightful MY SOUTHERN FRIENDS. A new

writer are read and re-read by thousands of families

throughout the country. This new volume is the author's book by EDMUND KIRKE, author of "Among the Pines."

last and best. Cloth bound, price $1.25. “A work of absorbing and vivid interest—all the excitement of a novel, pervaded by a tissue of facts, the painful truthfulness of which stirs the blood of every reader." 12mo., cloth bound, price $1; paper covers 75 cents.

VERDANT GREEN. The popular,

IN PRESS. rollicking, humorous story of college life in Oxford Uni. versity, England, with nearly 200 comic illustrations. Ro- The Life of Jesus. From the French of Renan. printed from the London edition. 12m0., cloth bound, 81.25. The Central Park. Illustrated by Photograph. *** A book overflowing with wit, anecdote, and ludicrous adventare.

Peculiar. A Novel. By Epes Sargent. THE HABITS OF GOOD SOCIETY. Louie's Last Term. By author of "Rutledge."

A Handbook for Ladies and Gentlemen. The best, wittiest, Light on Shadowed Paths. By T. S. Arthur. and most interesting book on social observances, taste, Gurowski's Diary. A Second Volume. good manners, and the art of making one's self agreeable, ever printed. Cloth bound, price $1.50.

The Great Consummation. Second Series. These books will be sent by mail, free, on receipt of price, by G. W. Carleton, Publisher,

New York.

NOV. 2, 1863.



Agents of the Methodist Book Concern,
Corner of Main and Eighth Streets,


FOR 1863.




charming book for Boys and Girls, from the personal nar. rative of the late Samuel G. Goodrich (Peter Parley). Six

I. illustrations. 1 vol. 16mo. Price $1.

HOME VIEWS 2. STORIES OF OLD. By Caroline Hadley.

Price of each volume $1.

The most reinarkable historical events of the Bible, tola Sixty-eight splendid "Home Views," engraved on Steel by
in an attractive style for children.

the best American Artists;

Beautiful Plluminated Title-page; 3. THE WARS OF THE COLONIES. By

JACOB Abbort. Being vol. 5 of "Abbott's American His. And nearly Three Hundred Pages of the choicest Reading tory." Fally illustrated. 1 vol. 16mo. Price 85 cents. matter, connected with and illustrating each Picture;

the whole having been carefully edited and pre4. THE ISLE OF WIGHT. By Jacob Abbott. pared, and the most of it gotten up espeBeing vol. 5 of the “Florence Stories." Fully illustrated.

cially for this volume by the Editor. 1 vol. 16mo. Price 75 cents.

Imperial Octavo: Printed on beautifully tinted


EDDY, D. D., author of the “Percy Family." Being vol. 2 Bound in Turkey morocco, gilt edges and bevelled boards, $12. of "Walter's Tour in the East." With illustrations by E. Bound in French

10. J. WHITNEY. 1 vol. 16mo. Price 65 cents. Bound in half calf, antique, marbled edges,



6. THE ILLUMINATED BOOK OF NURSERY RHYMES. With numerous illustrations printed in oil

II. colors. 1 vol. square 16mo., bound in boards. Price 60 cents.


Aunt Kitty's, and Aunt Mary's. Printed in oil colors. CELEBRATED WOMEN:
Three kinds, assorted in dozens. Price, per dozen, $1 80.

Twenty-eight splendid Engravings on Steel, executed by

the best American Artists;
New Editions.

Beautifully Illuminated Title-page.
8. THE BALLOON TRAVELS OF ROBERT The subjects selected are all representative characters; and

MERRY. By PETER PARLEY. 1 vol. 12mo., illustrated. each Portrait is accompanied with a graphic history
Price $1.

of the individual, carefully revised for this

volume, making over 9. VOYAGES, TRAVELS, AND ADVEN


OF EXCEEDINGLY INTERESTING READING MATTER. vol. 12o., illustrated. Price $1.

The volume is a beautiful 10. PLEASURE BOOKS. Printed in oil colors on tinted paper, with an illuminated cover. Twelve kinds,

COMPANION TO THE PRECEDING, assorted in dozens. Price, per dozen, $1 80.



Published at the same price.
New editions, also, of the

No richer or more appropriate holiday books have ever been

produced in this country. They are just the thing for an ele.

gant present to a person of taste and culture. The retail price PARLEY'S COTTAGE LIBRARY, &c. &c. of these ninety-six pictures would not be less than $24, and

yet we offer the two volumes at that price. New Trade List now ready.

Orders from the Trade solicited.

Send orders to

POE & HITCHCOCK, Cincinnati.
335 Broadway, New York.

W. M. DOUGHTY, Chicago.

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NOV. 2, 1863.


New Church Music Book, 117 WASHINGTON STREET, BOSTON,

THE HARP OF JUDAH: Habe nearly ready for Publication,

A Collection of Sacred and Secular Music for


Books for the Holiday Season. Choirs

, Schools
, Musical Conventions

, Societies


ny,” &c.

and the Home Circle ; Religious Worship, Choir ORDERS FROM THE TRADE SOLICITED.

and School Practice. By L. O. EMERSON, AuBeautiful Volume for Young Ladies.

thor of the “Golden Wreath,” “Sabbath HarmoPAPERS FOR THOUGHTFUL GIRLS. With II

lustrative Sketches of some Girls' Lives. By SARAH TYTLER, Author of “Leila Books." Illustrated by J. E. Millais. The great favor with which Mr. Emerson's works have been 16mo. This will be found one of the most valuable and received has induced the publication of this book. In it the attractive works ever published for young ladies. It is ele- principles of Notation are plainly elucidated and Exercises gantly printed on tinted paper, and beautifully bound and given of a very pleasing and attractive style. Its Music, emornamented.

bracing every variety, being, as a whole, neither very simple “One of the most fascinating books we have ever seen for

nor very elaborate, but conforming to the wants and capacities the rising youth of the fair sex. The whole volume is so lively, of the great majority of singers. The Anthems, Sentences, and yet so serious, that we would disclaim all liking for the Choruses, and Chants are superior to those of most collections, Foung lady who should not fall in love with it."'--Eclectic Review.

while the Metrical Tunes are equally good. In many instances

music has been written to a whole hymn, thus giving a greater A Book for the Times.

variety than can possibly be obtained in any other way. SOLDIERS OF THE BIBLE. By Rev. Wm. M. the same time, each tune can be used for any other hymn of

TRAYER, Author of “Tales from Genesis," "Bobbin Boy," the same metre. &c. &c. 12mo. Illustrated.

CHOIRS, SOCIETIES, TEACHERS, and all persons interested in a CONTENTS.—The Gallan: Raid into Midian; The Two Spies; work of this kind, cau order this book with great reliability The Successful Strategy; The Glorious Victory; The Flight of of its being all that it is represented to be—a real, live music Sisera ; The Volunteers; The Brave Captain ; Civil War in Palestine ; The Disastrous Defeat; Capture of the Philistine book, replete with all those features that tend to render such a Garrison; The Young Hero of Israel ; The Magnanimous Visi- book pleasing and popular. tor; The Battle of Gilboa; The Rebel General; The Drunken

Price $9 per dozen. Single copies $1. Specimen pages sent Commander ; Panic among the Syrian Hosts; The Wounded Soldier; The 'Three Mighty Men of Valor; The Siege of Babylon. free.


277 Washington St., Boston. I WILL BE A SAILOR. By Mrs. L. O. Tuthill. 16mo. Illustrated.

THE SUBSCRIBER HAS THIS DAY THE WILD MAN OF THE WEST. By R. M. Bal- disposed of the Retail Book AND Stationery BusiLANTYNE. Illustrated. 16mo.

NESS, No. 724 CHESTNUT STREET, to MESSRS. ASH. THE RED ERIO; or, The Whaler's Last Cruise.

MEAD & EVANS. By R. M. BALLANTYNE. Illustrated. 16mo. DIOK RODNEY; or, Adventures of an Eton Boy. In taking leave of his old customers, he can confidently re

By the Author of " Jack Manly," &c. Nlustrated. 16mo. commend the new firm to them as every way worthy of tho TALES FROM GENESIS. By Rev. W.M. Thayer, liberal patronage formerly extended to himself, and to the

Author of "The Poor Boy and Merchant Prince," "The Bob- trade, as abundantly able to carry out their contracts. bin Boy," &c. Illustrated. 2 vols. 16mo.

Mr. Duffield Ashmead has, for the past five years, been a MARMADUKE MERRY, THE MIDSHIPMAN; salesman for myself, and Mr. William B. Evans is favorably

or, My Early Days at Sea. By W. G. H. KING8ton, Author known as the former manager of the Retail Department of H. of “Peter, the Whaler," &c. &c. 16mo. Ilustrated.

Cowperthwait & Co.'s establishment, and late Agent of the

Presbyterian Publication House.
Another “Helper."

WILLIS P. HAZARD. LUNSFORD LANE; or, Another Helper from

North Carolina. By Rey. WILLIAM G. HAWKINB, A. M. PAILADELPHIA, Oct. 14, 1863. 12mo. Price $1 00. (To be ready early in October.)

The Worcester Daily Spy says :

It is the story of thirty years of slavery, and shows how dark are the shadows that lie on the very best and brightest side of the terrible system. Lunsford Lane was a slave in Raleigh, N. C. He was owned by a Mr. Haywood, who was a THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE THIS DAY kind master to him, and of whom he purchased himself, his wife, and his seven children, paying thirty-five hundred dollars entered into COPARTNERSHIP, under the firm of for the lot, twenty-one hundred of which he earned by his own la bor, besides supporting himself and family, and paying his

ASHMEAD & EVANS, master a hundred dollars a year for his time. (Ah me! what shall we do with these lazy, shistless slaves after we have in the Publishing, Bookselling, and Stationery Business, at freed them ?) Lane tells his own story simply and interestingly. The book is published for his benefit."

No, 724 Chestnut Street. *** A complete list of our publications sent if applied for.

DUFFIELD ASHMEAD, Also our Illustrated Catalogue of Juvenile Books. CROSBY & NICHOLS,

WILLIAM B. EVANS. 117 Washington St., Boston. PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 14, 1863.

NOV. 2, 1863.



Fa-Mailing Notice.-Harper & BROTHERS will send their Books by Mail, postage free, to any part of the United

States, on receipt of the Price. 17 HARPERS CATALOGUE and TRADE-LIST may be obtained gratuitously, on application to the Pub.

lishers personally, or by letter, inclosing Six Cents in Postage Stamps.

History of the Sioux War and Massacres of Fanny Remble's Georgia Plantation. Journal 1862 and 1863. By Isaac V. D. HEARD. With Portraits and of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation in 1838-1839. By Illustrations. 12mo. Cloth, $1 50.

FRANCES ANNE KEMBLE. 12mo. Cloth, $1 25. Daily Walk with Wise Men; or, Religious Kinglake's Crimean War. The Invasion of Exercises for Every Day in the Year. Selected, Arranged, and the Crimea; its Origin, and an Account of its Progress down to specially Adapted, by Rev. Nelson HEAD. Large 12mo. Cloth, the Death of Lord Raglan. By ALEXANDER WILLIAM KINGLAKE. $1 50.

With Maps and Plans. Vol. 1., 12mo. Cloth, $1 50. Rachel Ray. A Novel By Anthony Trol St. Olave's. A Novel. 8vo. Paper, 50 cents. LOPE, Author of " Orley Farm," "Framely Parsonage," “ Doctor Thorne,” &c. Svo., Paper. (In a few days.)

A First Friendship. A Tale. 8vo. Paper, 25

cents. Eleanor's Victory. A Novel. By M. E. BRADDON, Author of "Aurora Floyd," "John Marchmont's

Chronicles of Carlingford. A Novel. By Mrs. Legacy,” &c. With Illustrations. Svo. Paper, 50 cents.

OLIPHANT, Author of "The Life of Edward Irving," "The Last

of the Mortimers," "The Days of My Life," "The Laird of John Marchmont's Legacy. A Novel. By M. Norlaw," "The House on the oor," &c. Svo. Paper, 75 cents ; E. BRADDON, Author of " Aurora Floyd," " Eleanor's Victory," Cloth, $100. &c. 8vo. Paper. (Shortly.)

Sylvia's Lovers. A Novel. By Mrs. Gaskell, Luttrell of Arran. A Novel. By Charles Author of "Mary Barton," “Cranford,” “My Lady Ludlow, ". LEVER, Author of "Barrington," "One of them," “ Charles “North and South," "The Moorland Cottage," "Right at Last," O'Malley,” &c. 8vo. (In Press.)

&c. Svo. Paper, 50 cents. Bulwer's Caxtoniana. Caxtoniana : A Series A Dark Night's Work. A Tale. By Mrs. of Essays on Life, Literatnre, and Manners. By Sir E. BULWER GASKELL, Author of "Sylvia's Lovers," "Mary Barton," &c. LYTTON, Bart., Author of "The Caxtons," "A Strange Story,' Svo. Paper, 25 cents. "My Novel," "Pelham," &c. 12mo. Cloth. (In Press.)

A Point of Honor. A Novel. 8vo. Paper, 25 Mary Lindsay. A Novel. By the Lady Emily cents. Ponsonbý, Author of "The Disc of Life." 8vo. Paper, 50 cents. (Just Ready.)

Miss Mulock's Fairy Stories. The Fairy Book.

The best Popular Fairy Stories selected and rendered anew. Martin Pole. A Novel By John Saunders, By the Author of "John Halifax, Gentleman,” “ Olive," “ The Author of " Abel Drake's Wife," &c. Svo. Paper, 50 cents. Ogilvies,” &c. &c. Illustrations. 16mo. Cloth, $1 00.

The Boyhood of Martin Luther; or, The Suf Baldwin's African Hunting. African Hunt. ferings of the Heroic Little Beggar-Boy, who afterward became ing from Natal to the Zambesi, including Lake Ngami, the the great German Reformer. By HENRY MAYHEW, Author of Kalahari Deseri, &c., from 1852 to 1860. By WILLIAM CHARLES * The Peanant-Boy Philosopher," &c. Beautifully Illustrated. BALDWIN, Esq., F. R. G.S. With Map, Fifty Illustrations by 16mo. Cloth. (Nearly Ready.)

Wolf and Zwecker, and a Portrait of the Great Sportsman.

Small 8vo. Cloth, $1 60.
The Capital of the Tycoon: A Narrative of a
Three Years' Residence in Japan. By Sir RUTHERFORD ALCOCK,

The Bivouac and the Battle-Field ; or, Cam.
K. C. B., Her Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minister paign Sketches of Virginia and Maryland. By Captain GEORGE
Plenipotentiary in Japan. With Maps and Engravings. 2 F. ÑoYES. 12mo. Cloch, $1 25.
vols. 12mo. Cloth, $3 00.

Modern War: its Theory and Practice. NlusThackeray's Roundabout Papers. Rounda- trated from celebrated Campaigns and Battles. With Maps boat Papers. By W.M. THACKERAY, Author of " Vanity Fair," and Diagrams. By EMERIC SZABAD, Captain U. S. A. 12mo. "Pendennis," "The Newcomes," "Esmond," "The Four Cloth, $1 25. Georges." " Adventures of Philip," &c. With Illustrations.

General Butterfield's Camp and Outpost Duty. 12mo. Cloth, $1 00.

Camp and Outpost Duty for Infantry, standing Orders, Extracts A History of the Intellectual Development of from the Revised Regulations for the Army, Rules for Health, Europe. By JOHN WILLIAM DRAPER, Professor of Chemistry Maxims for Soldiers, and Duties of Officers. By DANIEL BUTand Physiology in the University of New York ; Author of a TERFIELD, Major-Gen. vols., U. S. A., and late Chief of Staff to " Treatise on Human Physiology," &c. &c. 8vo. Cloth, $3 50. Generals Hooker and Meade. Approved by the War Depart.

Queens of Song : Being Memoirs of some of ment, 18mo. Flexible Cloth, 60 cents. the most celebrated Female Vocalists who have performed on Harper's Pictorial History of the Great Rethe Lyric Stage from the Earliest Days of Opera to the Present bellion in the United States. Publishing in Numbers. Parts Time. To which is added a Chronological List of all the Operas V. and VI. now ready. Price 25 cents each. that have been performed in Europe. By ELLEN CREATHORNE CLAYTON. With Portraits. 12mo. (In Press.)

Knapp's French Reading-Book: Chrestoma

thie Française : Containing-I. Selections from the best French The Social Condition and Education of the Writers, with Copions References to the Author's French People in England. By Joseph Kay, Esq., M. A., of Trinity Grammar. II. The Master-Pieces of Molière, Racine, Boileau, College, Cambridge ; Barrister-at-Law; and late Travelling and Voltaire ; with Explanatory Notes, a Glossary of Idiomatic Bachelor of the University of Cambridge. 12mo. Cloth, $1 00. Phrases, and a Vocabulary. By WILLIAM I. KNAPP, A. M., The Ring of Amasis. From the Papers of a 12mo. Cloth, $1 23.

Professor of Modern Languages in Madison University, N. Y. German Physician. By ROBERT BULWER LYTTON (Owen MereDITH). 12mo. Cloth, $100.

Hooker's Chemistry. Science for the School

and Family: Part II. Chemistry. By WORTHINGTON HOOKER, Live it Down. A Story of the Light Lands. M. D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine in By J. C. JBAFFREBON, Author of Olive Blake's Good Work," Yale College, Aathor of " Human Physiology," "Child's Book " Isabel; the Young Wife and the Old Love,”' &c. Svo. Paper, of Nature,' Natural History,'' &c. Illustrated by Numerons 50 cents.

Engravings. 12mo. Cloth. $1 25. Memoir of the Life and Character of the Hon. School and family. Part 1. Natural Philosophy. By WOR

Hooker's Natural Philosophy. Science for the Theo. Frelinghuysen, LL.D. By Rev. Talbot W. CHAMBERS, THINGTON Hooker, M. D. Illustrated by nearly 300 engravings. D.D. With Portrait on Steel. 12mo. Cloth, $1 25.

12mo. Cloth, $1 25. Haraszthy's Grape Culture and Wine-Making. Principia Latina, Part 1. A First Latin Grape Culture and Wine-Making; being the Official Report of course, comprehending Grammar, Delectus, and Exercise the Commissioner appointed to investigate the Agriculture of Book, with Vocabularies. By WILLIAM SMITH, LL. D. Care. Europe, with especial Reference to the Products of California. fully Revised and Improved by Professor HENRY DRISLER, of By A HARASZTHY. Numerous Illustrations. 8vo. Cloth, $500. Columbia College, N. Y. 12mo., Flexible Cloth, 60 cents.

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AGENTS IN EUROPE. TRUBNER & CO., 60 Paternoster Row, London,

ALBERT L. HEROLD, Rue Richelieu, Paris. F. A. BROCKHAUS, Leipsic.


ALBERT DETKEN, Naples. SEÑOR DON HENRIQUE LEMMING, 9 Calle de la Paz, Madrid. Subscriptions or Advertisements for the Publishers' Circular will be received by the above Agents, and they will forward to the

Edilor any Books or Publications intended for notice.

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