The bulb garden; or, How to cultivate bulbous and tuberous-roofed flowering plants to perfection


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Page 6 - ... will find a great amount of practical information very admirably arranged, and available for general or rough estimates, as well as for the more exact calculations required in the engineers
Page 10 - Drawing for Builders and Students. PRACTICAL RULES ON DRAWING for the OPERATIVE BUILDER and YOUNG STUDENT in ARCHITECTURE. By GEORGE PYNE, Author of a " Rudimentary Treatise on Perspective for Beginners.
Page 1 - Strains. THE STRAINS ON STRUCTURES OF IRONWORK; with Practical Remarks on Iron Construction. By FW SHEILDS, M. Inst. CE Second Edition, with 5 Plates. Royal 8vo, 5*. cloth. *' The student cannot find a better little book on this subject than that written by Mr.
Page 21 - who desire to attain an accurate knowledge of physical science without the profound methods of mathematical investigation,' this work is not merely intended, but well adapted.
Page 7 - Imp. 4to, 2/. 12s. 6d. halfmorocco. " One of the very few works extant descending to the level of ordinary routine, and treating on the common cvery-day practice of the railway engineer.
Page 33 - By DIONYSIUS LARDNER, DCL, formerly Professor of Natural Philosophy and Astronomy in University College, London.
Page 3 - Each table is printed on a small card, which, being placed on the theodolite, leaves the hands free to manipulate the instrument — no small advantage as regards the rapidity of work.
Page 21 - Magazine. THE HANDBOOK OF ELECTRICITY, MAGNETISM, and ACOUSTICS. New Edition. Edited by GEO. CAREY FOSTER, BA, FCS With 400 Illustrations. Post 8vo, <*,s. cloth. " The book could not have been entrusted to any one better calculated to preserve the terse and lucid style of Lardner. while correcting his errors and bringing up his work to the present state of scientific knowledge.

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