Mac OS X Internals: A Systems Approach

Addison-Wesley Professional, 19 juin 2006 - 1680 pages

Mac OS X was released in March 2001, but many components, such as Mach and BSD, are considerably older. Understanding the design, implementation, and workings of Mac OS X requires examination of several technologies that differ in their age, origins, philosophies, and roles.

Mac OS X Internals: A Systems Approach is the first book that dissects the internals of the system, presenting a detailed picture that grows incrementally as you read. For example, you will learn the roles of the firmware, the bootloader, the Mach and BSD kernel components (including the process, virtual memory, IPC, and file system layers), the object-oriented I/O Kit driver framework, user libraries, and other core pieces of software. You will learn how these pieces connect and work internally, where they originated, and how they evolved. The book also covers several key areas of the Intel-based Macintosh computers.

A solid understanding of system internals is immensely useful in design, development, and debugging for programmers of various skill levels. System programmers can use the book as a reference and to construct a better picture of how the core system works. Application programmers can gain a deeper understanding of how their applications interact with the system. System administrators and power users can use the book to harness the power of the rich environment offered by Mac OS X. Finally, members of the Windows, Linux, BSD, and other Unix communities will find the book valuable in comparing and contrasting Mac OS X with their respective systems.

Mac OS X Internals focuses on the technical aspects of OS X and is so full of extremely useful information and programming examples that it will definitely become a mandatory tool for every Mac OS X programmer.


Table des matières

Chapter 1 Origins of Mac OS X
Chapter 2 An Overview of Mac OS X
Chapter 3 Inside an Apple
Chapter 4 The Firmware and the Bootloader
Chapter 5 Kernel and UserLevel Startup
Chapter 6 The xnu Kernel
Chapter 7 Processes
Chapter 8 Memory
Chapter 9 Interprocess Communication
Chapter 10 Extending the Kernel
Chapter 11 File Systems
Chapter 12 The HFS Plus File System
Mac OS X on x86Based Macintosh Computers
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Page 9 - Apple: The Inside Story of Intrigue, Egomania, and Business Blunders, by Jim Carlton (New York: HarperPerennial, 1998).
Page 44 - Each item described in this chapter will be discussed in greater detail in subsequent chapters.

À propos de l'auteur (2006)

Amit Singh is an operating systems researcher, programmer, and author. He manages the Macintosh engineering team at Google. Previously, Amit has worked on operating systems at IBM Research, Bell Laboratories, and a Silicon Valley startup doing cutting-edge work in the area of virtualization. He also created and maintains and Amit often writes and releases open source software, such as MacFUSE, a Mac OS X implementation of the FUSE (File System in USEr Space) mechanism.

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