Astronomy of the Bible 1908

Kessinger Publishing, 1 janv. 2003 - 436 pages
An elementary commentary on the astronomical references of the Holy Scripture, with 34 illustrations. Divided into four Books including: Book 1, The Heavenly Bodies: Hebrew and astronomy; creation; deep; firmament; ordinances of the heavens; sun; moon; stars; comets; meteors; eclipses of the sun and moon; Saturn and astrology. Book 2, The Constellations: origin of the constellations; Genesis and the constellations; story of the Deluge; tribes of Israel and the zodiac; leviathan; Pleiades; Orion; Mazzaroth; Arcturus. Book 3, Times and Seasons: day and its division; Sabbath and the week; month; year; Sabbatic year and the jubilee; cycles of Daniel. Book 4, Three Astronomical Marvels: Joshua's long day; dial of Ahaz; star of Bethlehem.

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