The Global Assault on Teaching, Teachers, and Their Unions: Stories for Resistance

Palgrave Macmillan, 15 mars 2008 - 281 pages
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The global assault on teaching, teachers, and teacher unions / Mary Compton and Lois Weiner -- "Remaking the world": neo-liberalism and the transformation of education and teachers’ labor / Susan Robertson -- Education reform under strangulation / John Nyambe (Namibia) -- Teaching for the factory: neo-liberalism in Mexican education / Rodolfo Rincones, Elaine Hampton, and Cesar Silva -- Neo-liberal education in Denmark / Jetta Steensen -- Higher and tertiary education in the West Indies: ensnared by GATS / Margueritte Williams -- The education world is not flat: neo-liberalism’s global project and teacher unions’ transnational resistance / Larry Kuehn -- Teachers and their unions: why social class "counts" / Kathleen A. Murphey -- Campaign against the opening of city academies in England / Ian Murch -- An inner-city public school teacher’s story from China / Yihuai Cai -- What teachers want from their unions: what we know from research / Nina Bascia -- Challenging neo-liberalism: education unions in Australia / Rob Durbridge -- Contradictions and tensions in the place of teachers in educational reform: reflections upon the role of teachers in recent educational reforms in the US and Namibia / Ken Zeichner -- Universalization of elementary education in India: a dream deferred is a dream denied / Basanti Chakraoborty -- Educational restructuring, democratic education, and teachers / Alvaro Moreira Hypolito -- Sodexho in the Chicago public schools / Kyle Westbrook -- Homophobia in St. Lucian schools: a perspective from a select group of teachers / Urban Dolor -- Work on aboriginal education in a social justice union: reflections from the inside / Chris Stewart -- South African teachers and social movements: old and new / Shermain Mannah and Jon Lewis -- Schooling and class in Germany: an interview with Eberhardt Brand and Susanne Gondermann / Mary Compton -- Education or mind infection? / Nurit Peled-Elhanan -- Interview with Thulas Nxesi, president of the Education International / Mary Compton -- The context of teachers’ democratic movements in Mexico / Rodolfo Rincones -- In Mexico, to defend education as a social right, we must fight for union democracy / Maria de la Luz Arriaga Lemus -- A history of the search for teacher unity in South Africa / Harold Samuel -- British teacher unions and the Blair government: anatomy of an abusive relationship / Mary Compton -- Building the international movement we need: why a consistent defense of democracy and equality is essential / Lois Weiner.

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Mary Compton is Past President of the UK National Union of Teachers, the largest teacher union in Europe. She is a practicing classroom teacher of modern languages and English as well as a trade union activist. She is a prolific speaker and writer on issues affecting teachers, in particular on the need to fight back against the neo-liberal agenda for education, which is the subject of this volume.

Lois Weiner is an internationally known researcher on urban teacher education who teaches education at New Jersey City University. Her first book, Preparing Teachers for Urban Schools, won an award for distinguished scholarship from the American Educational Research Association. Her book of advice, Urban Teaching: The Essentials, is used in programs of teacher education throughout the US. Weiner is the author of dozens of articles on educational topics, in scholarly publications and magazines and newspapers.

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