Struggle for Domination in the Middle East: The Ottoman-Mamluk War, 1485-91

BRILL, 1995 - 238 pages
This two-part volume offers a comprehensive account of the conflict between the Ottoman and Mamluk Empires. Part One explores Ottoman-Mamluk relations from their inception in the middle of the 14th century to the laying of the foundations of the conflict in the second half of the 15th century. Part Two offers a detailed description of the actual war of 1485-91, and analyzes it from various angles including military, economic, and diplomatic. Based largely on Ottoman, Mamluk and Italian primary sources-documentary and narrative-the volume helps to understand the second and final war between the Ottomans and Mamluks in 1516-17, which resulted in the downfall of the Mamluk Empire and the firm establishment of Ottoman power in the Middle East.

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The Mamluk Frontier Policy in Anatolia
Harmony and Conflict in Early OttomanMamluk
The Struggle for Karaman and Dulkadir 146481
Ottoman Invasions of Cilicia 148587
Contest in the Diplomatic Arena 148688
The Battle of AgaQayiri 1488
The Close of the War 148991
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Shai Har-El, Ph.D. (1993) in Middle Eastern History, University of Chicago, is Associate Member of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago. He has studied, lectured and undertaken research in both Israel and the United States. He is Founder and President of the Middle East Peace Network.

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