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nually flying each from the other into oppo. fite errors. · It might be well for some of us to be more distinctly aware that to preach Christian Morality, to preach it in detail, to take from time to time a specific moral duty for the avowed subject of a sermon, to pursue the duty through its subdivisions, to point out its bearings on the transactions of common life, (be it observed that I' speak of morality rendered christian by being unequivocally built on faith in Chrift,) is not only not to be legal, but is to strengthen by pra:tical application the impression of doctrinal truth, and to supply to the humble follower of our Lord aid highly important both as to the perception and the discharge of his daily obligations. There are others among us to whom it might be profitable if they were led clearly to discern, that to preach justification by faith, by faith only, without the deeds of the Law, (without the deeds either of the ceremonial or of the moral law contributing an atom towards the purchase of our justification, the free gift of God through the blood of His Son,) is not only to preach with the apostles and with the articles of our church, is not only not to make void the law, but is to establish the law (a). (a) Rom. iii. 31.


The mode of preaching which, in uniting and incorporating doctrinal with practical instruction, at one time discourses specifically on a doctrine, developes it,' establishes it, applies it to the advancement of holiness : at another, leadşi found doctrine and corresponding practice hand in hand from the commencement to the close : at another, selects a christian or an unchristian disposition, a moral or an immoral practice, as the prominent subject, yet anxiously and manifestly fixes on the Great Corner-stone every part of the superstructure: this I conceive to be the mode, by which a Christian minister may hope the most efficaciously to declare all the counsel of God (6).

(6) Acts, XX. 27.


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