A bold stroke for a wife: a comedy

printed for Stirling & Kenney, 1829 - 58 pages
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Page 14 - The only point in which we differ. — But you are master of so many qualifications, that I can excuse one fault : for I must think it a fault in a fine gentleman : and that you are such, I'll give it under my hand. Col. F. I wish you'd give me your consent to marry Miss Lovely, under your hand, Sir Philip. Sir P. I'll do't. if you'll step into St. James...
Page 26 - Sack. He hits it off admirably ; and t'other swallows it like sack and sugar. [ Aside] Certainly this lady must be your ward, Mr. Periwinkle, by her being under the care of four persons. Per. By the description, it should— 'Egad, if I could get that girdle, I'd ride with the sun, and make the tour of the world in four-and-twenty hours.
Page 38 - Aim thr paper.] Now I must desire you to make what haste you can down to Coventry, and take care of every thing, and I'll send down the undertaker for the body; do you attend it up, and whatever charge you are at, I'll repay you.
Page 54 - Look thee, friend, I have brought these people to satisfy thee that I am not that impostor which thou didst take me for, this is the man that did drive the leathern conveniency, and brought me from Bristol — and this is Col.
Page 5 - That's somewhat odd; in this charitable city\— She's a woman, I hope? Free. For aught I know— but it had been as well for her had nature made her any other part of the creation. The man who keeps this...
Page 36 - I wish you long to enjoy it, but my tears will flow when I think of my benefactor.
Page 24 - Sack. Where, where, in the name of virtue? Ah, poor Mr. Periwinkle! — 'Egad, look to't, you had best, sir; and let him be seen again, or I shall have you burnt for a wizard. Col.
Page 50 - I am one, though now resolved to rob no more, has been at Bristol ; one of them came in the coach with the quaker, whose name he hath taken ; and, from what he hath gathered from him, formed that design; and did not...
Page 43 - I have bought some black stockings of your husband, Mrs. Prim, but he tells me the glover's trade belongs to you; therefore I...
Page 35 - Ay, but he'd be hanged before he'd take her instead of the money : the Dutch are too covetous for that ; besides, he did not know that there were three more of us, I suppose. ^ Free. So much the better ; you may venture to give him your consent, if he'll forgive you the wager, It is not your business to tell him that your consent will signify nothing. Trade. That's right, as you say ; but will he do it, think you 1 Free. I can't tell that ; but I'll try what I can do with him.

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