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for them all things necessary for soul v and body w: and by grave, wise, holy, and exemplary carriage, to procure glory to God x, honour to themseves y, and fo to preserve that authority which God hath put upon them ż.

Q. 130. What are the sins of superiors ?

A The fins of fuperiors are, beside the neglect of the duties required of them a, an inordinate feeking of themselves b, their own glorly c, ease, profit, or plea


widow's heart to sing for joy. v.14. husbands, to love their children. I put on righteousness, and it cloth v. 5. To be discreet, chafte, keepers ed me: my judgment was as a robe at home, good, obedient to their and a diadem. v. 15. I was eyes to own husbands, that the word of the blind, and feet was I to the God be not blasphemed. lame. V. 16. I was a father to the y i Kings iii. 28. And all Israel puor : and the cause which I knew heard of the judgment which the not, I searched out. v. 17. And I King had judged, and they feared brake the jaws of the wicked, and the King : for they saw that the pluckt the spoil out of his teeth. wisdom of God was in him, to do If. i. 10. Hear the word of the judgment. Lord, ye rulers of Sodom; give ear z Tit. ii. 15. These things speak unto the law of our God, ye people and exhort, and rebuke with all auof Gomorrah. v. 17. Learn to do thority. Let no man despise thee. well, seek judgment, relieve the op 130. a Ezek. xxxiv. 2. Son of pressed, judge the fatherless, plead man, prophefy against the shepherds for the widow.

of Israel,prophesy and say unto them, o Eph. vi. 4. And ye fathers, pro- Thus faith the Lord God unto the voke not your children to wrath: shepherds, Wo be to the shepherds but bring them up in the nurture

of Israel that do feed themselves : and admonition of the Lord. should not the shepherds feed the

w i Tim. v. 8. But if any pro- flocks ? v. 3. Ye eat the fat, and vide not for his own, and especially ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill for those of his own house, he hath them that are fed :

but ye denied the faith, and is worse than the flock. v. 4. The diseased have an infidel.

ye not strengthened, neither have x 1 Tim. iv. 12. Let no man de- ye healed that which was sick, nei. spise thy youth, but be thou an ex ther have



that which ample of the believers, in word, in was broken, neither have ye brought conversation, in charity, in spirit, in again that which was

driven afaith, in purity. Tit. ii. 3. The aged way, neither have ye sought that women likewise, that they be in be- which was lost; but with force and haviour as becometh holiness, not with cruelty have ruled them. false accusers, not given to much 6 Phil. ï. 21. For all seek their wine, teachers of good things; V. 4. own, not the things which are JeThat they may teach the young sus Christ's. women to be sober, to love their c John v. 44. How can ye believe

feed not


fure d; commanding things unlawful e, or not in the power of inferiors to perform f ; counselling g, encouraging h, or favouring them in that which is evil i; diffuading, discouraging, or discountenancing them in that which is good k; correcting them un

duly which receive honour one of another, fExod. v. from verf. 10. to the and seek not the honour that cometh 18. And the task-masters of the from God only? John vii. 18. He people went out, and their officers, that speaketh of himself, seeketh his and they spake to the people, saying, own glory: but he that seeketh his Thus faith Pharaoh, I will not give glory that sent him, the sanie is you straw, &c. Matth. xxiii. 2. Saytrue, and no unrighteousness is in ing, The fcribes and Pharisees sit bim.

in Moses feat. V. 4. For they bind d If. lvi. 10. His watchmen are heavy burdens, and grievous to be blind : they are all ignorant, they borne.are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark ; & Matth. xiv. 8. And she, being sleeping, lying down, loving to slum. before instructed of her mother, said, ber. v. it. Yea, they are greedy Give me here John Baptist's head in dogs, which can never have enough, a charger. Compared with Mark and they are shepherds that cannot vi. 24. And she went forth, and said understande: they all look to their unto her mother, What shall I ak ? own way, every one for his gain, and she said, The head of John the from his quarter. Deut. xvii. 17. Baptist. Neither shall he multiply wives' to h 2 Sam, xiii. 28. Now Abfalom himself, that his heart" turn not a- had commanded his servants, says way: neither shall he greatly mul. ing, Mark ye now when Amnon's tiply to himself silver and gold. heart is merry with wine, and when e Dan. iii.


Then an herald I say unto you, Smite Amnon, then cried aloud, To you it is command. kill him, fear not: have not I ed, O people, nations and languages, manded you be courageous, and v. 5. That at what time ye hear the be valiant. found of the corner; flute, harp, i i Sam. iii. 13. For I have told fackbut, psaltery, dulcinier, and all him, that I will judge bis house for kinds of music, ye fall down and ever, for the iniquity which he worship the golden image that Ne knoweth; because his fons made buchadnezzar the king hath set up. themselves vile, and he restrained v. 6. And whoso falleth not down them not. and worshippeth, shall the fame hour k John vä. 46. The officers anbe cast into the midst of a bourning swered, Never man. spake" like this firy furnace. Acts iv. 17. But that V. 47. Then answered them it spread no futher aniong the peo, the Pharisees, Are ye also deceived? pole, let us straitly threaten them, v. 48. Have any of the rulers, or ihat they speak henceforth to no of the Pharisees believed on him ? man in this name. v. 18. And they V. 49. But this people who knoweth called them, and commanded them not the law are cursed. Col. iii. 21. not to speak at all, nor teach in the Fathers, provoke not your children name of Jesus.


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to anger, left they be discouraged.


duly l; careless exposing, or leaving them to wrong, temptation and danger m; provoking them to wrath n; or any way dishonouring themselves, or lessening their authority, by an unjust, indiscreet, rigorous, or remiss behaviour o.

Q. 131.

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Exod. v. 17. But he faid, Ye are Gallio cared for none of those
idle, ye are idle: therefore ye say, things.
Let us go, and do sacrifice to the n Eph. vi. 4. And ye fathers,pro-

voke not your children to wrath : li Pet. ii. 18. Servants, be sub- but bring them up in the nurture ject to your masters with all fear, and admonition of the Lord. not only to the good and gentle, o Gen, ix. 21. And he drank of but also to the froward. v. 19. For the wine and was drunken, and he this is thank-worthy, if a man for was uncovered within his tent. conscience toward God endure grief, 1 Kings xii. 13. And the king (Resuffering wrongfully, V. 20. For hoboam) answered the people roughwhat glory is it, if when ye be ly, and forsook the old men's counbuffered for your faults, ye shall take fel that they gave him; v. 14. And it patiently; but if when ye do well, spake to them after the counsel of and suffer for it, ye take it patient. the young men, saying, My father ly; this is acceptable with God, made your yoke heavy, and I will Heb. xii. 10. For they verily for å add to your yoke; my father also few days chastened us after their own chastised you with whips, but I will pleasure; but he for our profit, that chastise you with scorpions. v. 15. we might be partakers of his holi- Wherefore the king hearkened not ness. Deut. xxv. 3. Forty stripes unto the people; for the cause was he may give him, and not exceed: from the Lord, -v. 16. So when left if he should exceed, and beat all Israel saw that the king hearkenhim above these with many stripes, ed not unto them, the people anthen thy brother shall seem vile un- swered the king, saying, What porto thee.

tion have we in David ? neither m Gen. xxxviii. 11. Then said have we inheritance in the son of Judah to Tamar his daughter-in. Jesse: to your tents, O Israel : now law, Remain a widow at thy father's see to thine owo house, David. So house, till Shelah my son be grown: Ifrael departed unto their tents, (for he said, Left peradventure 1 Kings i. 6. And his father had die also as his brethren did); and not displeased him (viz. Adonijah) Tamar went and dwelt in her fa- at any time, in saying, Why halt ther's house. V. 26. And Judah ac. thou done fo?

i Sam. ii. 29. knowledged them, and said, She Wherefore kick ye at my facrifices, hath been more righteous than I; and at mine offering which I have because that I gave her not to Shelah, commanded in my habitation, and my son; and he knew her again no honourest thy sons above me, to more. Acts xviii. 17. Then all the make yourselves fat with the chiefGreeks took Softhenes, the chief est of all the offerings of Israel my ruler of the fynagogue, and beat people. v. 30. Wherefore the Lord him before the judgment feat: and God of Israel faith, ! faid indeed,


Q. 131. What are the duties of equals ?

A. The duties of equals are, to regard the dignity and worth of each other p, in giving honour to go one before another q; and to rejoice in each others gifts and advancement, as their own r.

Q. 132. What are the fins of equals ?

A. The fins of equals are, beside the neglect of the duties required S, the undervaluing of the worth t, envying the gifts v, grieving at the advancement or prosperity one of another w; and ufurping pre-eminence one over another x.

Q. 133. What is the reason annexed to the fifth commandment, the more to enforce it?

A. The

that thy house, and the house of thy 132. (Rom. xiii. 8. Owe do man father should walk before me for and thing, but to love one another : ever; but now the Lord faith, Be for he that loveth another, hath fulit far from me; for them that ho- filled the law. nour me, I will honour, and they t 2 Tim. iii. 3. Without natural that despise me, shall be lightly e affection, truce-breakers, false acsteemed. v. 31. Behold, the days cusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers come that I will cut off thine arm, of those that are good. and the arm of thy father's house, v Aets vii. 9. And the patriarchs, that there shall not be an old man moved with envy, fold Jofeph into in thine house.

Egypt; but God was with him. 131. p. 1 Pet. ii. 17. Honour all Gal. v. 26. Let us not be desirous men. Love the brotherhood. Fear of vain-glory, provoking one anoGod. Honour the king.

ther, envying one another. q Rom. xii. 10. Be kindly affec w Numb.

xii. 2. And they said, tioned one to another; with bro. Hath the Lord indeed spoken only therly love, in honour preferring by Moses ? hath he not spoken alle one another.

by us? and the Lord heard it. Elth. , Rom. xii. 15. Rejoice with vi. 12. And Mordecai came again them that do rejoice, and weep


to the king's gate: but Haman haltthem that weep.

v. 16. Be of the ed to his house, mourning, and hav. fame mind one towards another. ing his head covered.

v. 13 Mind 'not high things, but conde. Haman told Zeresh his wife and all fcend to men of low estate. Be not his friends, every thing that had wise in your own conceits. Phil. befallen him. Then said his wife ii. 3. Let nothing be done through men, and Zeresh his wife unto him, ftrife, or vain-glory, but in lowliness Jf Mordecai be of the feed of the of mind let each esteem other better Jewś, before whom thou hast begun than themselves.

Look not

to fall, thou shalt not prevail against every man on his own things, but him, but fhalt surely fall before every man also on the things of ou him. thers.



* 3 John 9. I wrote unto the


A. The reason annexed to the fifth commandment, in these words, Ihat thy days, may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee y, is an express promise of long life and prosperity, as far as it shall serve for God's glory and their own good, to all such as keep this commandment 2.

Q. 134. Which is the sixth commandment?
À. The fixth commandment is, Thou shalt not kill a.

Q. 135. What are the duties required in the fixth commandment

A. The duties required in the fixth commandment are, all careful studies, and lawful endeavours, to preserve the life of ourselves b and others c, by refisting all thoughts and purposes d, subduing all pal


- 1

church: but Diotrephes, who lovech own bodies : he that loveth his wife
to have the pre-eminence among loveth himself. V. 29. For no man
them, receiveth us not. Luke xxij. ever yet hated his own flesh; but
24. And there was also a strife a- nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as
mong them, which of them should the Lord the church.
be accounted the greatest.

< 1 Kings xviii. 4. For it was so, 133. y Exod. xx. 12.

when Jezebel cut off the prophets z Deut. v.

16. Honour thy fa- of the Lord, that Obadiah took an ther and thy mother, as the Lord hundred prophets, and hide thy God hath commanded thee; fifty in a cave, and fed them with that thy days may be prolonged, bread and water. and that it may go well with thee, d Jer. xxvi. 15. But know


for in the land which the Lord thy God certain, that if ye put me to death, giveth thee. 1 Kings viii. 25. There- ye shall surely bring innocent blood forę now, Lord God of Israel, keep upon yourselves, and upon this city, with thy servant David my father and upon the inhabitants thereof : that thou promisedít him, saying, for of a truth the Lord hath sent There shall not fail thee a man in me unto you, to speak all these my fight to fit on the throne of Is. words in your ears. v. 16. Then rael, so that thy children take heed said the princes, and all the people to their way, that they walk before unto the priests, and to the prome as thou hast walked before me. phets, This man is not worthy to Eph. vi. 2. Honour thy father and die : for he hath spoken to us in thy mother (which is the first com- the name of the Lord our God. mandment with promise), v. 3. Acts xxiii. 12. And when it was That it may be well with thee, day, certain of the Jews banded and thou mayest live long on the together, and bound themselves unearth.

der a curse, saying, That they 134. a Exod. xx. 13.

would neither eat nor drink till 135. 6 Eph. v. 28. So ought they had killed Paul. v. 16. And men to love their wives, as their when Paul's sister's for heard of

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