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our reigning with him for ever m: and that he would be pleased fo to exercise the kingdom of his power in all the world, as may best conduce to these ends n.

Q. 192. What do we pray for in the third petition?

A. In the third petition, (which is, Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven o), acknowledging that by nature we and all men are not only utterly unable and unwilling to know and do the will of God p, but prone to rebel against his word q, to repine and murinur against his providence r, and wholly inclined to do the will of the Aesh, and of the devils; we pray, that God would by



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m Rev. xxi. 20. He which testi- p Rom. vii. 18. For I know, that fieth these things, faith, Surely I in me, (that is, in my flesh) dwel

. come quickly. Amen. Even so, leth no good thing: for to will is come, Lord Jesus.

present with me, but how to per: n If. Ixiv. 1. Oh that thou wouldst form that which is good, I find sent the heavens, that thou wouldit

Job xxi. 14. Therefore they come down, that the mountains say unto God, Depart from us; might flow down at thy presence, we desire not the knowledge of thy.

As when the melting fire ways. i Cor. ii. 14. But the natuburneth, the fire causeth the waters ral man receiveth not the things of to boil, to make thy name known the Spirit of God: for they are to thine adversaries, that

foolishness unto him; neither can tions may tremble at thy presence. he know them, because they are Rev. iv. 8. And the four beasts had spiritually discerned. each of them fix wings about him, 9 Rom. viii. 7. Because the car. and they were full of eyes within; nal mind is enmity against God: and they rest not day and night, for it is not subjeết to the law of saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord. God, neither indeed can be. God Almighty, which was, and is, Exod. xvii. 7. And he called and is to come. v. 9. And when the name of the place Mafsah, and those beats gave glory, and honour, Meribah, because of the chiding of and thanks to him that fat on the the children of Israel, and because throne, who liveth for ever and they tempted the Lord, saying, Is ever, v. 10. The four and twenty the Lord among us, or not? Numb. elders fell down before him that sat xiv. 2. And all the children of on the throne, and worship him Ifrael murmured against Moses, that liveth for ever and ever, and and against Aaron': and the whole cast their crowns_before the throne, congregation said unto them, Would saying, v. 11. Thou art worthy, God that we had died in the land O Lord, to receive glory, and ho- of Egypt, or would God we had nour, and power : for thou hast died in this wilderness. created all things, and for thy plea- SEph. ii. 2. Wherein in time fure they are, and were created. past ye' walked according to the 192. . Matth. vi. 10.

course of this world, according to


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his Spirit take away from ourselves and others all blindness t, weakness v, indisposedness w, and perverseness of heart X; and by his grace make us able and willing to know, do, and submit to his will in all things y, with the like humility z, chearfulness a, faithfulness b, diligence c,

zeal the prince of the power of the air, keep thy statutes : O forsake me the spirit that now worketh in the not utterly. V. 35. Make me to go children of disobedience.

in the path of thy commandments, + Eph. i. 17. That the God of for therein do I delight. v. 36. Ina our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father clige my heart unto thy testimonies, of glory, may give unto you the and not to covetonsness. Acts xxi. Spirit of wisdom and revelation, in 14. And when he would not be perthe knowledge of him: v. 18. The fuaded, we ceased, saying, The will eyes of your understanding being of the Lord be done. enlightened: that ye may know z Mic. vi. 8. He hath shewed what is the hope of his calling, and thee, Oman, what is good ; and what the riches of the glory of his what doth the Lord require of inheritance in the saints.

thee, but to do justly, and to love v Eph. iii. 16. That he would mercy, and to walk humbly with grant you according to the riches thy God? of his glory, to be strengthened a Psal. c. 2. Serve the Lord with with might, by his Spirit in the in- gladness: come before his presence

with singing. Job i. 21. And (Job) w Matth. xxvi.


And he co- faid, Naked came I out of my mometh unto the disciples, and find ther's womb, and naked shall I reeth them asleep, and faith unto Pe. turn thither : the Lord gave, and ter, What, could ye not watch the Lord 'hath taken away; blessed with me one hour ? v. 41. Watch be the name of the Lord. 2 Sam. and pray, that ye enter

not into

xv. 25. And the king said unto Za. temptation : the spirit indeed is wil- dock, Carry back the ark of God ling, but the Aeth is weak.

into the city: if I shall find favour * Jer. xxxi. 18. I have surely in the eyes of the Lord, he will heard Ephraim bemoaning himself bring me again, and shew me both thus, Thou hast chastised me, and it and his habitation. *v. 26. But if I was challised, as a bullock unac- he thus say, I have no delight in customed to the yoke : turn thou thee : behold, here am I, let him me, and I shall be turned; for do to me as seemeth good unto him. thou art the Lord my God. v. 19. b Is. xxxviii, 3. And said, ReSurely after that I was turned, I member now, O Lord, I beseech repented; and after that I was in- thee, how I have walked before structed, I smote upon my thigh: thee in truth, and with a perfect I was ashamed, yea, even confoun- heart, and have done that which is ded, because I did bear the re. good in thy fight: and Hezekiah proach of my youth. ý Psal. cxix. 1. Blessed are the c Psal. cxix.


Thou hast comundefiled in the way, who walk in manded us to keep thy precepts dithe law of the Lord. V. 8. I will


ner nian.

wept fore.

3 A

heaven g.

zeal d, sincerity e, and constancyf, as the angels do in

Q. 193. What do we pray for in the fourth petition?

A. In the fourth petition, (which is, Give us this day our daily bread b), acknowledging that in Adam, and by our own fin, we have forfeited our right to all the outward blessings of this life, and deserve to be wholly deprived of them by God, and to have them cursed to us in the use of them i; and that neither they of them.


ligently. v. 5. O that my ways were thalt surely die. Gen. iii. 17. And directed to keep thy statutes ! unto 'Adam he said, Because thou

d Rom. xii. 11. Not slothful in haft hearkened unto the voice of business, fervent in spirit; serving thy wife, and haft eaten of the tree the Lord.

of which I commanded thee, saying, e Psal. cxix. 80. Let my heart Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is bé found in thy statutes; that I be the ground for thy fake; in forrow not ashamed.

fhalt thou eat of it all the days of fPfàl. cxix. 112. I have inclined thy life. Rom. viii. 20. For the mine heart to perforin thy statutes creature was made subject to vanity, alway, even unto the end.

not willingly, but by reason of bing g If. vi. 2. Abore it stood the fe- who hath subjected the fame in raphims : each one had fix wings; hope: v. 21. Because the creature with twain he covered his face, and itself also shall be delivered from with twain he covered his feet, and the boodage of corruption, into the with twain he did fly. v. 3. And glorious liberty of the children of one cried unto another, and said, God. v. 22. For we know that the Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of whole creation groaneth, and traholls, the whole earth is full of his velleth in pain together until now. glory. Psal. ciii. 20. Blefs the Lord jer. v. 25. Your iniquities have ye his angels, that excel in strength, turned away these things, and your that do his commandments, hearken- sins have with-holden good things ing unto the voice of his word. v.21; from


Deut. xxvii. from verf. Bless ye the Lord, all ye his hosts, 15. to the end of the chapter, ye ministers of his that do his plea- v. 15. But it shall come to pass, if Ture. Matth. xviii. 10. Take heed, thou wilt not hearken unto the voice that ye despise not one of these lit- of the Lord thy God, to observe tle ones; for I say unto you, that in to do all his commandments, and heaven their angels do always be- his statutes which I command thee hold the face of my father which is this day; that all these curses ball in heaven.

come upon thee, and overtake thee. 1932 h Matth. vi. 11.

v. 16. Curfed shalt thou be in the ¿Gen. ii. 17. But of the tree of city, and cursed fhalt thou be in the knowledge of good and evil the field. v. 17. Cursed shall be thy thou shalt not eat of it: for in the basket and thy store, &c. day that thou eatest thereof, thou


felves are able to sustain us k, nor we to merit l, or by our own industry to procure them m; but prone to defire n, get o, and use them unlawfully p:

we pray for ourselves and others, that both they and we, waiting upon the providence of God from day to day in the use of lawful means, may, of his free gift, and as to his fatherly wisdoin shall seem beft, enjoy a competent por: tion of them q; and have the fame continued and blessed unto us in our holy and comfortable use of them r, and


k Deut, viii. 3. And he humbled q Gen. xliii. 12. And take douthee, and suffered thee to hunger, ble money in your hand : and the and fed thee with manna (which money that was brought again in thou kneweit not, neither did thy fa- the mouth of your facks, carry ic thers know) that he might make thee again in your hand; peradventure koow that man doth not live by it was an oversight.

V. 13. Take bread only, but by every word that also your brother, and arise, go aproceedeth out of the mouth of the gain unto the inan. v. 14. And God Lord doth man live.

Almighty give you mercy before I Gen. xxxii, 10. I am not wor

the man.

Gen. xxviii, 20. And thy of the least of all the mercies, Jacob vowed a vow, saying, If God and of all the truth, which thou hast will be with me, and will keep me Shewed unto thy servant.

in this way that I go, and will give m Deut. viii. 17. And thou say me bread to eat, and raiment to put in thine heart, My power and the on. Eph.'iv. 28. Let him that stole, might of my hand hath gotten me steal no more: but rather let him this wealth. v, 18. But thou shalt labour, working with his hands remember the Lord thy God; for it the thing which is good, that he is he that giveth thee power to get may have to give to him that needwealth, that he may eltablish his co- eth. 2 Theff. ii. 11. For we hear venant which he fware unto thy fa- that there are some which walk athers, as it is this day.

mong you disorderly, working not n Jer. vi. 13. For from the least at all, but are busy.bodies. of them even unto the greatest uf Now them that are fuch we'comthem, every one is given to cove- mand and exhort by our Lord Jesus toufness: and from the prophet even Christ, that with quietness they unto the prieit, every one dealeth work, and eat their own bread. falsely. Mark vii. 21. For from Phil. iv. 6. Be careful for nothing : within, out of the heart of men, pro- but in every thing by prayer and ceed evil thoughts, adulteries, forni. fupplication with thankigiving, let cations, murders, v. 22. Thefts, co your requests be made known unto vetoufness, wickedness, deceit- God.

o Hof. xii. 7. He is a merchant, ri Tim. iv. 3. Forbidding to the balances of deceit are in his

marry, and commanding to abstain hand: he loveth to oppress.

from meats, which God hath creaJames iv. 3. Ye alk, and receive ted to be received with thanksgiRot, because ye ask amils, that ye may confume it upon your lufts.


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19.-- That

contentment in thems; and be kept from all things that are contrary to our temporal support and comfort t.

Q. 194. What do we pray for in the fifth petition?

Å. In the fifth petition, (which is, Forgive us our debts, af we forgive our debtors v), acknowledging that we and all others are guilty both of original and actual fin, and thereby become debtors to the justice of God; and that neither we, nor any other creature, can make the least fatisfaction for that debt w: we pray for ourselves and others, that God of his free grace, would through the obedience and satisfaction of Christ, apprehended and applied by faith, acquit us both for the guilt and punishment of sin x, accept us in hiş Beloved y, continue .his

favour ving of them which believe and know profitable, there is none that doth the truth. v.

· 5. For every creature good, no not one, &c. v. of God is good, and nothing to be every mouth may be stopped, and refused, if it be received with all the world 'may become guilty thanksgiving: v. 5. For it is sancti- before God, &c. Matth. xvii: 24. fied by the word of God and prayer. And when he had begun to reckon,

si Tim. vi. 6. But godliness with one was brought unto him which contentment is great gain. v.7. For owed him ten thousand talents. we brought nothing into this world, v. 25. But forasmuch as he had not and it is certain we can carry no- to pay, his lord commanded him to thing out. v. 8. And having food be sold, and his wife and his chiland raiment, let us be therewith dren, and all that he had, and pay.

ment to be made. Pfal. cxxx. 3. t Prov. xxx. 8. Remove far from If thou, Lord, shouldīt mark inime vanity and lies : give me neither quities : O Lord, who shall stand ? poverty, nor riches, feed me with v. 4. But there is forgiveness with food convenient for me: v. 9. Left thee: that thou mayest be feared. I be full, and deny thee, and say, * Rom. iii. 24. Being justified freeWho is the Lord ? or least I be poor, ly by his grace, through the redempand steal, and take the name of my tion that is in Jesus Christ : v. 25. God in vain.

Whom God hath set forth to be a 194. v Matth. vi. 12.

propitiation, through faith in his w Rom. ii. from vers. 9. 22. blood, to declare his righteousness V. G. What then? are we better for the remission of sins that are part, than they? No, in no wise: for we through the forbearance of God; have before proved both Jews and V. 26. To declare, I say, at this time Gentiles, that they are all under sin; his righteousness: that he might be v. 10. As it is written, There is just, and the justifier of him which none righteous, no not one : v. 11. believeth in Jesus. Heb. ix. 22. And There is none that understandeth, almost all things are by the law there is none that seeketh after God. purged with blood; and without V.12. They are all gone out of the medding of blood is no remiffion. way, they are all together beconie un- y Eph. i. 6. To the praise of the



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