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xxxii. I. xxxiii. 2. cat. 29, 85, 89. The meaning of these words in the creed, He defcended into hell, cat. 50. Heretics to be rejected, cat. 105. Holiness. God is most holy in all his counfels, works, and commands, con ii. 2. Man was created holy after the image of God, con. iv. 2. cat. 17. But by the fall he became wholly defiled, con. vi. 2. Believers are, by the fanctifying Spirit of Chrift, quickened and strengthened to the practice of holinéfs, con xiii. 1, 3, cat. 75. And are made perfectly holy in heaven, con xxxii. 1. cat. 86, 90. See fanctification. The Holy Ghost equal with the Father, con. ii. 3. cat. II. He is promised to the elect in the covenant of grace, con. vii. 3. cat. 32. By him they are united to Christ, con. xxvi. I. For by him the redemption purchafed by Chrift is applied to them, con. viii. 8. xi. 4. cat. 58, 59. By him they are effectually called, con. x. 1. cat. 67. And have faith wrought in their hearts, con. xiv. 1. cat. 59, 72. He is given to them in adoption, con. xii. cat. 74. And applying the death and refurrection of Chrift to them, by his powerful operation, they are fanctified, con. xiii. 1. cat. 75. Having repentance wrought, and all other faving graces infufed into their hearts, con. xiii. I. cat. 32. 75, 76, 77. Thro' the continual fupply of ftrength from him, beLievers grow in grace, con. xiii. 3. cat. 75. The outward means are by him made effectual to the elect for falvation, con. vii. 5, 6. xxv. 3. cat. 155, 161. Prayer is to be made by his help, con. xxi. 3. cat. 182. Ability to do good works is from him, con xvi. 3. Afsurance of faith is attained by his


witneffing with our spirits that we are the children of God, con. xviii. 2. cat. 80. By his abiding within believers, they are fecured from falling totally away from the state of grace, and are kept by the power of God through faith unto falvation, con xvii 2. cat. 79. Hope of glory, con. xviii. 1. cat. 83. The hope of hypocrites, con. xviii.


Humiliation of Christ, con. viii 2, 4. čat. 46. In his conception and birth, cat. 47. In his life, cat. 48. In his death, cat. 49 After death, 50% Hypocrify, making profeffion of religion in hypocrify, or for finifter ends, finful, cat. 113. The hypocrites hope, con. xviii. I. Hypoftatical. See perfonal. I D Dlenefs, unlawful, cat. 139, 142. Idolatry, all the kinds of it forbidden, cat. 105, 109. All monuments of idolatry ought to be removed, cat. 108.

Jefts. Perverting the fcripture to profane jefts, finful, cat. 113. Jéfus. Why fo called, cat. 41. See

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Incarnation of Chrift, con. viii. 2. cat. 37,39.

Incest difcharged, cat. 139. Inceftu

ous marriages, which are within the degrees of confanguinity or affinity, forbidden in the fcriptures, can never be made lawful, con. xxiv. 4.

Unjuft Inclosures and depopulations forbidden, cat. 142. Increase of grace, is from a continual fupply of ftrength from the fanctifying Spirit of Chrift, con. xiii. I, 3. cat. 75.77. Innocency. The state of man in in

nocency, con. iv. 2. cat. 17, 20, Infants, how faved, con. x. 3. Infants

of one or both believing parents are to be baptized, con. xxiii. 4. cat. 166. Ingroffing commodities to inhance

their price, unlawful, cat. 142. Infpiration. The books of the Old

and New Teftament are given by infpiration of God, con. i. 2. But the Apocrypha is not of divine infpiration, con. i. 3. Interceffion. How Chrift makes in terceffion, cat. 55. It is a part of his priestly office, cat. 44. He makes interceffion, that the redemption which he hath purchased may be applied to all believers, con. viii. 8. cat. 55. And their perfeverance depends upon his continual interceffion for them, con. xvii. 2. cat. 79.

Joy in the Holy Ghoft, the fruit of

affurance, con. xviii. 1, 2. cat. 83. Believers, by falling into fome fins, may grieve the Spirit, and be deprived of fome measure of their comfort, con. xvii. 3. xviii. 4. Judge. Chrift the judge of the world,

con. viii. 1, 4. xxxiii. 1. How he shall come at the last day, cat. 56.. The Judgments of God upon finners in this world, con. v. 6. cat. 28, 83. How believers may bring tem

poral judgments on themselves, con. xvii. 3. God is juft and terrible in his judgments, con. ii. 1. The laft judgment, what, con. xxxiii. 1. Appointed for angels and men, con. viii. 4. xxxiii. I. cat. 88. The end of its appointment, is the manifestation of God's mercy and justice, con. xxxiii. 2. Christ shall be the judge, con. viii. 4. xxxiii. 1. How he fhall come to judge the world, cat. 56. Why he would have us certainly perfuaded of it, con. xxxiii. 3. Why the time of it is concealed, con. xxxiii. 3. cat. 88. The judgment of the righteous, con. xxxiii. 2. cat. 90. The judgment of the wicked, con. xxxiii. 2. cat. 89. Judicial law. See law.

The juftice of God, fully fatisfied by Chrift's obedience and death, con. viii. 5. xi. 3. cat. 38, 71. It is manifested in the works of providence, con. v. 1. In the juftification of finners, con. xi. 3. In the laft judgment, con. xxxiii. 2. Juftice in contracts and commerce between man and man, cat. 141, 142. Juftification, what, con. xi. I. cat. 70. All the elect, and they only, are justified, con. iii. 6. Whom God did from all eternity decree to juftify, con. xi. 4. But they are not juftified till the Holy Spirit doth in due time actually apply Chrift unto them, ib. How Juftification is of God's free grace, con. xi. 3. cat. 71. Faith is neceffarily required for juftification, cat. 71. But it justifies a finner only as it is an inftrument, by which he receiveth Chrift and his righteousness, con. xi. I, 2. cat. 73. The exact justice, and rich grace of God, are both glorified in the juftification of finners, con. xi. 3. Juftification, the fame under the Old Testament as under the

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the New, con. xi. 6. It is infeparably joined with fanctification,


77. How they differ, ib. Thofe that are justified, are perfectly freed in this life from the revenging wrath of God, that they never fall into condemnation, con. xvii. 1. cat. 77, 79. But corruption remaining in them, con. vi. 5. xiii. 2. cat. 78. They fall into many fins, con. xvii. 3. cat. 18. Which God continues to forgive, upon their humbling themselves, confeffing their fins, begging pardon, and renewing their faith and repentance, con. xi. 5. K


Eys. The power of the keys, what, con. xxx. 2. Committed to church-officers, ib. The civil magiftrate may not affume this power, con. xxiii. 3. King. Chrift the King of his church, con. XXX. I. How he executeth the office of a King, cat. 45. What meant by the coming of his kingdom, cat. 191. Knowledge. God's knowledge is infinite, infallible, and independent upon the creature, con. ii. 2. The knowledge which may be had of God and of our duty to him by the light of nature, con. i. 1. xxi. 1. cat. I. The fcriptures are only fufficient to give that knowledge of God and of his will, which is neceflary unto falvation, ib. L

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The Moral Law, what, cat. 93. Given to Adam with a power to fulfil it, con. iv. 2. xix. 1. cat. 92. The Ten commandments the fum of it, con. xix. 2. cat. 98. Though believers are not under it as a covenant, con. xix. 6. And are not able perfectly to keep it, cat. 149. Yet it continues to be a perfect rule of righteousness, con. xix. 2. Binding all, as well juftified perfons as others, con. xix. 5. Chrift," in the gofpel, having not abolished, but much strengthened the obligation to the obedience of it, ib. And although no man fince the fall can, by the moral law, attain to righteoufnefs and life, con. xix. 6. cat. 94. Which Chrift alone hatlı purchafed for the elect by his perfect obedience, con. viii. 5. Yet it is of great ufe to all, con. xix. 6. cat. 95. The use of it to the regenerate, con. xix. 6. cat. 97. The use of it to the unfegenerate, cat. 96. Not contrary to the grace of the gospel, but doth fweetly comply with it, con. xix. 7. The Spirit of Chrift fubduing and enabling the will of man unto a free and cheerful obedience to the will of God, con. xix. 7. cat. 32. Unneceffary Law-fuits to be avoided,

cat. 141, 142. Liberty. Chriftian liberty, what, con. XX. I. Wherein it is enlarged under the gofpel, ib. The end of Chriftian liberty, con. xx. 3. Liberty to fin inconfiftent with it, ib. It is not intended to destroy ecclefiaftical or civil powers, but to fupport and preferve them, con. xx. 4. Neither are men thereby allowed to publish opinions, or maintain practices, that are contrary to the light of nature, or to the known principles of Christianity, or fuch as are deftructive of the peace and order of the church, ib. Liberty of confcience, what it is, and what repugnant to it, con. xx. 2. Making

Making men the lords of our faith and conscience, unlawful, con. xx. 2. cat. 105.

Life. Eternal life purchased by Chrift's perfect obedience to the law, con. viii. 5. The tree of life was a pledge of the covenant of works, cat. 20. The life of any not to be taken away, except in cafe of public juftice, lawful war, or neceffary defence, cat. 126. Light of Nature, what may be known

of God and of our duty to him by it, con, i. 1. xxi. 1. cat. 2. It is not fufficient to make us wife unto falvation, con. i. I. X. 4. xxi. I. cat. 2. 60. It is of the law of nature, that a due portion of tinte be fet apart for the worship of God, con. xxi. 7. Wanton Looks, finful, cat. 139. Lord's prayer. See prayer. Lord's fupper. The inftitution, na

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ture; and ends of it, con. xxix. 1. cat. 167. Chrift not offered up to his Father, nor any real facrifice for fin made in it, con. xxix. 2. The mafs abominably injurious to Christ's one only facrifice, ib. The outward elements in this facrament are not to be adored, con. xxix. 4. They still remain truly bread and wine, con. xxix. 5. The doctrine of tranfubftantiation, is repugnant not only to the fcripture, but even to common fense, and has been and is the cause of grofs idolatries, con. xxix. 6. How Chrift hath appointed bread and wine to be given and received in the facrament, con. xxix. 3. cat. 169. It is only to be adminiftered by a minifter of the word lawfully ordained, con. xxvii. 4. cat. 176. It is not to be received by any one alone, con. xxix. 4. It is to be received in both kinds, ib. What relation the elements in this facrament have to Chrift crucified, con xxix. 5. How Chrift is prefent there, xxix.. 7.

cat. 170. How believers feed on him therein, ib. What preparation is required for receiving it, cat 171. Doubting may confift with an interest in Christ, con. xvii. 3. xviii. 4. cat. 81. And therefore fhould not hinder from partaking of the Lord's fupper, cat. 172. But the ignorant and fcandalous are not to be admitted; con. xxix. 8. cat. 173. What duties requir• ed in the time of receiving, cat. 174. What duties after receiving, cat. 175. Frequent attendancé on it, a duty, cat. 175. 177. The agreement and difference between the Lord's fupper and baptifm, cat. 176. 177. Lots, cat. 112, 113.


Love. Election is of God's free love, con. iii. 5. cat. 13. Which is unchangeable, con. xvii. 2. cat. 79. And therefore true believers can neither totally nor finally fall away from the ftate of grace, ib. The fenfe of God's love is attainable in this life, cat. 83. See affurance. Love to God is a duty cat. 104. Which the light of nature sheweth, cen. xxi. 1. To love the Lord our God with all our heart, &c. is the fam of our duty, to him, cat. 102. Love to God is neceffary to the right performance of the duty of prayer, con. xxi. 3. cat. 185. Love to God and the brethren is neceffary to right communicating, cat. 168, 17, 174. True believers are never utterly deftitute of the love of Christ and the brethren, con. xviii. 4. Wherein love towards our neighbour confists, cat. 1351 141, 144, 147. What contrary to it, cat. 136, 142, 145, 148. It is the fum of our duty to man, 4. cat. 122. Lying, finful, cat. 145.

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ib. Lawful for Chriftians to accept the office of a magiftrate, con. xxiii. 2. The duty of the civil magistrate, con. xxiii. 2. cat. 129. con. xx. 4. Read the fcriptures letter r. The fins of the magiftrate, cat. 130, 145. He may wage war upon juft and neceffary occafions, con. xxiii. 2. His power in church-affairs ftated, con. xxiii. 3. The duty of the people towards their magiftrates, con, xxiii. 4. cat. 127. Their fins a gainst them, cat. 128. Ecclefiaftical perfons not exempted from obedience to the civil magistrate, con. xxiii. 4. The pope hath no power or jurifdiction over magiftrates or their people, ib. The magiftrate is not to be oppofed in the lawful exercise of his power, upon pretence of Chriftian liberty, con. xx. 4. Infidelity or difference in religion doth not make void the magistrate's juft and legal authority, con. xxiii. 4. Man, how created, con. iv. 2. cat.

17. His state before the fall, con.
iv. 2. cat. 17, 20. His fall, and
the effects of it, con. vi. cat. 21,
22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29. His
ftate by the covenant of grace, con.
vii. 3,-6. cat. 30-35. Man's
chief end. cat. I.
Man-stealing discharged, cat 142,
Marriage, the end of it, con. xxiv.

2. cat. 20. Between more than
one man and one woman at a time,
unlawful, con. xxiv. 1. cat. 139.
Lawful for all forts of people who
are capable to give their confent,
con. xxiv. 3. And who are with-
out the degrees of confanguinity or
affinity forbidden in the fcriptures,
con. xxiv. 4. But marriages with-
in thofe degrees can never be made
lawful, ib. Proteftants fhould not
marry with Infidels, Papifts, or o-
ther idolaters, con. xxiv. 3. Nor
fuch as are godly, with those that
are notoriously wicked, ib. A con-

tract of marriage may be diffolved for adultery or fornication com mitted after the contract, con.

xxiv. 5. The bond of marriage can only be diffolved for adultery after marriage, and fuch wilful defertion as cannot be remedied, con. xxiv. 5, 6. Undue delay of marriage, prohibiting of lawful, and difpenfing with unlawful marriages, are finful, cat. 139. Vows of perpetual fingle life, are finful Inares in which no Christian may entangle himself, con. xxii. 7. cat. 129. Thofe who have not the gift of continency ought to marry, cat. 138. The duties of married perfons, cat. 139, 141. The mafs abominably injurious to 'Chrift's one only facrifice, con. xxix. 2.


Means. God in his ordinary provi
dence maketh use of means; yet
is free to work, without, above,
and against them at his pleasure,
con. v. 3.
The outward and or-
dinary means of falvation under
the law, con. vii. 5. cat. 34. Un-
der the gofpel, con, vii. 6. cat.
35,154. The diligent ufe of them
is required in order to efcape the
wrath of God, cat. 153. How
they are made effectual, con. xxv.
3. cat. 155, 161, 182. Truft
ing in means finful, cat. 105. Un-
lawful means not to be used, ib.
Falfe meafures unlawful, cat. 142.
Meat to be moderately used, cat.
135, 136.

Mediator. See Christ.
The mercy of God, con. ii. 1. cat.
7. It is manifefted in his works
of providence, con. v. J. It is of
God's free love and mercy, that
the elect are delivered from fin
and mifery, and brought to an
eltate of falvation by the fecond
covenant, cat. 30. God is merci-
ful to penitent finners in Chrift,
con. xv. 2. cat. 76. For whose
fake mercy is to be prayed for,


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