Faith of Our Fathers: A Commentary on the Westminster Confession of Faith

Crown & Covenant Publ., 2006 - 174 pages
People are returning by the thousands to the study of the Westminster Confession. Helping a new generation to understand and apply the Scriptures, the Confession is being rediscovered as a valuable summary of Bible teaching, pointing students to the authority of the Scriptures. Faith of Our Fathers is a concise and contemporary look at the Confession, a document written over 350 years ago.Author Wayne Spear offers historical background and paragraph-by-paragraph commentary to help the 21st century layperson to glean the treasures of the Confession. What is more, Spear demonstrates the value of the Confession in everyday application and devotional use?keeping the Christian from error and holding up a mirror to self-righteousness. Paper, 176 pp.

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Table des matières

Scripture and the Confession 11
Of God and the Holy Trinity 18
The High Mystery of Predestination 23
Evolution and the Confession 28
What Providence Isand Is Not 33
The Fall Sin and Punishment 39
The Confession of Covenant Theology 44
Saving Faith is a Living Faith 76
Real Repentance Real Life 80
Of Good Works 85
The Perseverance of the Saints 90
Assurance 95
The Law of God 100
Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience 105
Worship and the Sabbath Day 110

The Heart of the Gospel 49
Do Calvinists Believe in Free Will? 53
Powerful Persuasive and Personal 57
Pardon and Acceptance 61
Undeserving Heirs 66
Your Progress in Holiness 71
What Are Biblical Oaths and Vows? 115
The Civil Magistrate 120
Marriage and Divorce 125
The Church 130
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