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in himself;" that he is come into the world to seek and to save that which was lost; and this conduct is not imputed to the compassionate feelings of the moment, when our misery gained its dreadful ascendency over the mind, but the regular result of an eternal coun-louincil cil ; ---the necessary consequence of a covenanted agreement, preparatory to the execution of which, all things were made for him and by him.

In this light our author considered Culy. the subject, and although neither he nor any other adopting the same principles, can boast of an host on their side; yet, they have that to boast of, which is of infinitely greater consequence, for the hosts we see are formed by human interest and human 'wisdom, but with us is the eternal God.” We have his word, and where his name is recorded, there will he be to bless it.

We have to this day the protecting hand of God visibly with us, for notwithstanding the clamarous opposition


of Priests and their hirelings, we have
continued to the present moment; and
as the interest of God and the interest
of truth are one and the same, God can
never desert the one without trampling
under his feet, the glory of his name
and the dignity of his crown.

N. B. PATRICK HAMILTON's Doctrine of the

Law and Gospel, (which was promised in a former Advertisement) having appeared in the Gospel Magazine, rendered the Publication of it in this unnecessary. By no meani se!

9 N B: This admitabhu Friatin at Ilamellers, di catteet Patrickt-Placed, may be rules

dun in the whol: 1186. achtract:




Two Crown's Heads, &c.


my distracted thoughts
This morning as I lay,
I to

Master sought
My straying thoughts to stay;
But much ado I had
To call these wand'rers home,
But that they may be read,
I think to write them down.

I thought of that passage, Gen. i. 1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. I propounded to myself a question, thus:--The beginning of what?—The beginning of that unspeakable and glorious Essence I knew it could not be, so that I see it was the beginning of his works, so consequently the beginning of all things that are made here. I stood amazed to think what infinite wisdom must be in God, to have all the whole crcation of heaven and earth, and all the whole governinent and management, from

first to last, already settled in his unchangeable will. Eph. i. 11. Acts xv. 18. Prov. iii. 19, 20. Is. xlv. 12. The heavens and their hosts have their courses; the angels their number and their offices; men their number and their acts, their ends ; his gifts natural and spiritual ; his word, ordinances, and means, all were already settled in his will and knowledge. (The doctrine is this :) That the beginning of time was the beginning of God's working, and the beginning of God's working, was the beginning of God's (a)


(a) The beginning of God's revealing of himself.

God being the creator of all, a period must have been when none existed but God, and consequently only known to himself, having determined in his wisdom to reveal himself; the end could not be obtained, without the formation of beings, capacitated by the possession of reason to enjoy intellectual happiness, arising from the contemplation of the perfection of their Maker. This “self-sufficient and original cause of all things," being infinite in his nature, and incomprehensible in all the attributes that inhere in that nature could never be perceived in any degree whatever, (notwithstanding the possession of reason) but through the intervention of finite means, as mediums of communication between revealing of his will, settled in himself from all eternity.

Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. Ps. xix. 10. I thus


him who is absolutely infinite, and those whose capacities (however enlarged) are but finite; hence all that is known, and all that can be known of God, through an endless succession of eternal ages, will fall infinitely short of comprehending him who is absolutely incomprehensible. The wisdom of God being infinite, therefore infallible admits of no second choice; hence I infer, that the means of its appointment as mediums of communication are the best ; the best adapted to the capacity of the creature, and the best calculated to display the ineffable glory and excellency of him, who constitutes his creatures happy, by making himself known, Sovereign wisdom has displayed itself in the adaptation of that as the medium of communication, which possesses in itself the greatest proximity to the Divine original. The Lord Jesus Christ is the grand medium of communication, but as God over all blessed for ever, a God equal with his Father, from the incomprehensibility of his nature, he could not be a medium of communication, but as God-man-mediator the image of the invisible God, the first born of every creature, Col. i. 15. and through

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