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UR great concern with the Bible undoubtedly is to

be made thereby wise unto salvation;' and to this

end, we must be careful to reverence its authority, to understand and believe its doctrines, and to apply its precepts.

Old Testament History is, for the most part, a record of the divine rule of obedience, and of the transgressions and punishment of a rebellious race; but Salvation is the great theme of the Christian Scriptures or New Testament.

The Mediator of the better covenant' declared, indeed, the doctrines of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment to come,' and spake as never man spake' when rebuke was upon His lips; but, at the same time, “He went about,' not executing vengeance, but 'doing good.' Acts of grace and mercy are the only deeds written of Him to whom 'all judgment is committed.' And as we read the sacred narrative, we shall also lose much that is beneficial if we fail, as we proceed, to observe and to admire its beauties ; if we pass unheeded its affecting incidents and vivid descriptions, and think that we must always look


elsewhere for mental recreation. The perusal of the Sacred Volume would come to be regarded, to our great disadvantage, only as an appointed task of solemn duty; and thus the Scriptures would stand deprived of their chief hold and influence on the mind.

A fresh attempt has now been made by the publisher of this volume to point young eyes to objects of special interest in Bible history, and to illustrate them by pictorial representations, to which sufficient explanatory matter has been added. It is hoped that the Book of Books, having been thus again explored and exhibited, will be opened by juvenile inquirers with a new zest : leading to a cheerful study of the Scriptures, and conducing also to the best results of personal religion.

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The Creation of Man
The Creation of Woman
The Fall
Adam and Eve hide themselves
Adam and Eve driven from Paradise
Cain murders his brother Abel
Noah with his Family enter the Ark
The Deluge
Noah builds an altar to God
The Covenant with Noah
The Tower of Babel
The promise of a son to Abraham
Lot's Wife
Abraham offers Isaac
Rebekah gives water to Abraham's servant
Isaac blessing Jacob
Jacob's Dream
Jacob wrestles with the Angel
Joseph's Dream
Joseph sold into Egypt
Joseph's Coat brought to his Father
Joseph resists Temptation
Joseph put into Prison
Joseph interprets Dreams

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