Ancient Greece: An Illustrated History

Thames and Hudson, 1979 - 192 pages
The influence of the Greeks on Western society has been greater and more fundamental than that of any other nation. Peter Green's authoritative and witty study of Greece during the centuries which proceeded the Hellenistic age is written with all the stylistic and intellectual verve that has brought him a huge following. After considering the mass of evidence which exists today to build up our picture of prehistoric Greece, he describes the culture of Minoan Crete; the Mycenaean civilization in Homeric tradition and in historical fact; the flowering in culture and political thought which began in the mid-eighth century BC; the growth of Athenian democracy; Hellenism; the Persian Wars; and the reversion of authoritarianism in the age which ended with the death of Alexander in 323 BC. Throughout, Green draws the strands of the story together into two major themes; exploration and discovery - both in a literal and creative sense - and the Greek impulse to set the world in order. The result departs radically from the traditional military-political narrative, giving an entertaining and informative picture of the period, complemented by a wide variety of illustrations.

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